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VrAds 1.3 Released - webnetics - 02-08-08

This version adds some customer requested features, such as ad impressions limiting, and detailed click tracking stats to make VrAds even easier! If you have features you would like to see, please email us at support@vwdesigns.co.uk.


  1. Added ability to limit number of ad impressions for a time period
  2. Can now Track Clicks in Stats Module
  3. Make link target configurable instead of just _blank
  4. RSS Stats Feeds - Custom Date and Today Only options
  5. Added an Advertiser comments/notes box
  6. Allowed images and text links to not have an a href
  7. Version check in Maintenance section
  8. Re-sorted Stats Tables by numbers
  9. Fixed - Stats module wasn't working when GeoIP was disabled
  10. Limit Graphs with large data sets
  11. Javascript/Ajax Ids now always start with letter per standards