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Newsletter - November 2008 - webnetics - 06-11-08

Dear Valued Customer,

Newsletter: November 2008

Welcome to Virtual Web Designs newsletter. You are receiving this newsletter, because you are or have been a customer of Virtual Web Designs.

To unsubscribe from our newsletter please email us at unsubscribe@vwdesigns.co.uk with the subject heading “unsubscribe”.

This newsletter is also available at http://www.vwdesigns.co.uk/forum/newsletters-f-20.html

Please note if you currently hold an account with us, this will not unsubscribe you from Important System Announcements.


Automated System (Phase 2) – CMS
Contact Details
Schedule Maintenance
Domain Names
dot-ME Domain Name

Automated System - CMS

On the 1st November, we went live with our automated system (Phase 2). There was some minor problems, as the dates where being re-synchronised between our local database and our remote servers and a crossover period with already issued invoices. These problems have now been resolved.

Contact Details

We would like to remind all our customers to keep their current contact details up to date, as this is very important. This information is used to keep your domain names up to date and also for renewing products.

Schedule Maintenance

We are planning to do a schedule maintenance upgrade on the 15-16th November and 22nd November 2008.

We will issue all our customers with a separate email explaining this Schedule Maintenance.

Domain Names

We would like to remind all our customers, if you wish to benefit from our new low prices for domain names. You will have to let us know 45 days in advance, before a domain name is renewed. So we are able to start transferring your domain name to our new gTLD registrar. We cannot transfer domain names once they fall within the 30 days renewal period.

NOTE: These prices are only available if paying online, and not via paper invoice.

dot-ME Domain Name

As of October, the dot-ME Registry has reduced the minimum requirement for a dot-ME domain name registration to a single year. This means customers can secure the most-popular new domain extension ever with just a one-year commitment, instead of two.

Reducing the two-year requirement to one-year, we think, this would open up the dot-ME domain names to more people and businesses who have been watching the new TLD grow and wondering if they should get involved. We have also bought a number of the dot-ME domain names ourselves and also for our existing and new customers. We have also seen this domain name now becoming one of our most popular domain names and our fastest selling domain name this year.




We will be launching our newest website called parking4free.com in December 2008 / January 2009, this will specialise in low cost domain names registration and a limited range of hosting & email accounts and will also be offering resellers accounts for our domain names. Parking4free.com has been designed to be fully automated with Nominet & our gTLD supplier using secure PGP encryption. All transaction made from parking4free.com are processed in real time. To keep the cost of our domain names as low as possible all payments will be made online. There will be no paper invoices issued, only electronic invoices. There will be a very wide range of domain names available.

All domain names will have full DNS control, Whois privacy guard, and a full control panel, etc.

You will also find our domain name prices will be even cheaper than the following companies:

123-reg.co.uk *
easily.co.uk *
TotalRegistration.com *
Heartinternet.co.uk *
1and1.co.uk *


Domain Name .co.uk £ 6.50 (Standard Price).
Resellers prices will start at £ 6.25 going down to £ 6.00 (2 Years)

Domain Name .com £ 7.50 (Standard Price).
Resellers prices will start at £ 7.00 going down to £ 6.50 per year.

* Please note these companies do not include VAT in their prices, so they look a lot cheaper than what they are. All our prices will include VAT and all NIC fees.