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Schedule Maintenance - webnetics - 06-11-08

Important System Announcement – Schedule Maintenance


1. Upgrade - Client Management System (CMS)
2. System Upgrade - Customer Hosting Accounts

Upgrade - Client Management System (CMS)

15-16th November 2008

We will shortly be replacing our current licensing system with our new Client Management System (CMS), which we have been developing over the past 7 months. During this time, you may find that you are unable to login, or place new orders. There may also be short periods where the licensing services are unavailable. We will issue a forced local key command from our licensing system to force the local key.php to be re-synchronise with our servers. This will prevent your software from not working if trying to re-synchronise we are servers. Any downtime will be kept to a minimum.

This new system will provide us with a centralised system for all our products and services. The product licensing and distribution code from our current licensing System has been combined with our accounting software and integrated into our new Client Management System (CMS), written specifically by us. This includes systems for our new services due to be announced in the next two months.

The third phase of the rollout will take place over on the 15-16th November 2008. This will begin by replacing the current licensing system and importing all existing accounts, orders and licenses into our new Client Management System (CMS). During this time, no new orders or accounts will be allowed. Once that has been completed, we will open the order system and account registration. These customers will be issued with new usernames and passwords, if you currently hold a hosting account with us, these will be merged.

The forth phase will take place in November / December 2008 when we will announce our new services. Our new custom systems are required for these along with the need for a centralised Client Management System (CMS).

System Upgrade - Customer Hosting Accounts

Sunday 22nd November 2008

We will be taking our MySQL servers offline for approximately 30 minutes in order to set up replication to our new backup platform. Although our website will continue to operate, the Customer System, Support System and Forums, along with our CMS, will be unavailable.

During this time you will be unable to access your account on our website, download files or install our products. Support queries will be held in an e-mail queue and picked up by the ticket system once the work is completed.

Our new backup system allows us much more granular backups more regularly.

We will also be taking this opportune to upgrade the servers software to the latest stable software versions:

NuSphere Express
MySQL 5 Database Server
ASSP – Anti-Spamming Software

RE: Schedule Maintenance - webnetics - 18-11-08

Upgrade - Client Management System (CMS)

The upgrade has now been completed and CMS is now are fully operational. If you spot any problems please let us know via http://www.vwdesigns.co.uk/support

RE: Schedule Maintenance - webnetics - 26-11-08

System Upgrade - Customer Hosting Accounts

The system upgrade has now been completed.