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Vr Hosts v1.0 Released - webnetics - 05-01-09

Virtual Web Designs have now released VrHosts, which is a fully automated web hosting client account creation and billing system. VrHosts is a PHP application which integrates with the popular Cpanel(WHM) web hosting control panel. VrHosts supports PayPal subscriptions, free web hosting, Sub-domain and Reseller account setup and supports both dedicated server and Reseller web hosting companies.

We will be selling this software for £ 49.99

Automated Features
• Automatic account creation & suspension (or complete termination) if your client cancels their hosting plan.
• Fully automatic & instant client account creation (or optional account creation pending administrative approval).
• Account creation setup fail-safe, easy failure recovery & alerts.

More Features
• Client management features.
• Shared / Reseller / Sub-domain & Free web hosting account creation supported.
• Manual hosting account creation support which can be assigned to any clients account.
• Earnings statistics.
• Client account functions (view / suspend / delete).
• Shopping cart style order pages.
• Support for all PayPal currencies.
• Client & administrator sales history log.
• PayPal IPN independent system (uses PayPal IPN but does not occupy your Paypal IPN slot).

Billing Options
• Free hosting client trial period support.
• Monthly / quarterly / semiannual and annual plan options.
• PayPal subscription support which includes free trial, recurring and non-recurring billing options.

Client Features
• Billing information. Quick access Cpanel hosting tools.
• Account management.

Order Pages
• HTML orientated order page design for easy non-programmer customization.
• Returning client login & multiple account management support.
• Account creation setup error prevention filters.