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eShop PRO XL5 v1.0 – Released - webnetics - 18-01-09

After months of development to make the most robust and feature-rich eShop system even better, Virtual Web Designs are proud to announce eShop PRO XL5

EShop Pro XL5 is a major update to the eShop range of eCommerce software, and addresses a number of key issues, adds a lot of new functionality, and further increases the power of eShop.

See below for a full list of improvements and additions to eShop PRO.


• Security Issues - SQL injection closed
• Register Globals = OFF
• Now 100% PHP 5, version 5.2.x and MySQL version 5.x.
• Customer Edit Page - Now includes all information fields, including the new "voucher" and "template selection" entries.
• "Free Shipping" logic enhancements
• Admin Home Page content modules
• Admin Session Length control
• Admin Menus - Redesigned
• Admin Language Editor clean-up
• Purchase without and account
• Image Upload into folders
• VVC Configuration (on/off and settings)
• Email Verification (on/off and settings)
• Product Sort enhancement
• Coupon Redemption enhancements
• SMTP mail server abstraction
• Header Brand Manager for shop logo and slogan text
• Admin URL return after login
• Catalog URL return after login
• Price Formatter update (general enhancements)
• Admin Template section and header clean-up
• CMS Manager
• One-Page Checkout
• Newsletter Filter Criteria expanded
• Recover Abandoned Baskets
• Product Info Tabs
• Return Merchandise Authorisation System
• Select Image from your server for products
• Product Listing blurbs
• Quantity Price Break enhancements
• FAQ System
• Article System
• Events System
• Multi Products Manager
• Shop by Price
• Encrypt & Decrypt System
• Google Feed System
• Google Analytics