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Protx & Worldpay – New Modular - webnetics - 25-04-09

We would like to inform all our customers who are currently using eShop PRO & VrShop PRO. We have now released an updated payment modular for Protx & WorldPay. If you have a valid support agreement, this can be downloaded from your customer area or we will install the upgrade for you.

Protx Now SagePay

On the 22nd April Protx was re-branded as SagePay. This modular has now been updated to reflect Protx new re-branding to Sage Pay and to use the new Sage Pay URLs (for a period of 6 months, Sage Pay will be accepting the old Protx URLs as well).


WorldPay re-branding has been delayed until May 2009. We will be releasing this modular in May.