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VrSourceControl - webnetics - 05-07-09

Virtual Web Designs will be releasing our own Source Control System within the next 8 weeks.

VrSourceControl was developed from CVS and SubVersion to help us track our own projects, documents, source-code and images because we found that these existing systems were difficult to install or overly complicated. We specifically didn't want concurrent editing of files, and wanted a web-based system written in PHP and uses MySQL as the database, which was easy to manage. So we developed VrSourceControl.

VrSourceControl General Features

· Store Text & Binary Files.
· Multi-User
· Check-In / Check-Out - File locking by user.
· Text Files Stored in Full or as Different versions
· Compress Binaries with gzip.
· PHP Code Highlighting.
· PHP code is given coloured highlighting when viewing the file.
· Full History Versioning. - Go back to any previous version - of any file or project.
· HTTP Up/Download: Get/Put Zips. Upload or Get whole projects, sets of files, or individual files as Zip files from your browser.
· Project Tree View.
· Search. Find files with matching names, content and more...
· Online File Editing. Edit files online (in your working directory) with a text editor.
· Output Macros. Include meta info in output source files (File name, path, version, project version). Macros are automatically reverted when checking code in.
· File Branching. Store multiple versions of the same file.
· File-Level User Access. Define which users can access which files or directories individually.
· Project Build Options Include different sets of files in different builds

Features to be incorporated

· Full Bug Tracking System
· Re-design user interface for public use
· Full System Backup
· Full Reporting System