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Server Upgrades - webnetics - 13-07-10

Dear Valued Customers,

We apologies for any inconvenience caused, by these server upgrades. There will be no downtime in this server upgrade, and there will be no loss of emails. This will allow us to expand our other hosting businesses, within the Webnetics UK group.


1. Server Upgrades
2. eCommerce Users – Important Information
3. Spam Filters, Personal SSL and Shared SSL
4. Hosting Accounts – Upgraded
5. Server Backup

Server Upgrades

Following on from our system announcement in May 2010:-

If you do not know your server number, please login to your control panel. You will find this information on the first page, or just contact us and we will tell you.

We are planning to transfer all customer accounts in three (3) batches. The first (1) batch will be database driven websites the second batch will be non-database websites and the third (3) batch will be eCommerce websites.

Batch 1 (Database driven websites) – These will be transferred on Tuesday 13th July 2010
Batch 2 (Non-database websites) – These will be transferred on Thursday 15th July 2010
Batch 3 (eCommerce Websites) – These will be transferred on Tuesday 13th July 2010

eCommerce Users – Important Information

There may be a cross over point when the IP addresses are being updated, from the old server to the new server IP addresses. This can take anything up to 24 hours for the IP addresses to filter through to each ISP. Customers would still be able to place orders as normal, except these may appear on the old server. You will still receive email notification of any orders as normal, except this may not tie up with the current database on the new server.

NOTE: If you are a busy eCommerce website, we would advise you to take down your website while these IP addresses are being updated to stop any cross over orders.

If customers wish to have their website taken offline while the IP addresses are being updated, please let us know?

Spam Filters, Personal SSL and Shared SSL

Spam filters and personal SSL will automatically be updated to the new server IP addresses, as each account has been transferred to the new server.

Customers who use our shared SSL, this will be changed at the same time as we transfer all the eCommerce websites.


Customers who currently store their emails on this server, will have to download there mail by the 13th and the 15th July. These will not be transferred to the new server.

Hosting Accounts - Upgraded

All hosting accounts on this new server have been upgraded. We have now doubled the amount of pop accounts, disk space and bandwidth.

Server Backup

Please remember all our server(s) are backup 24/7/365. If you ever need your website to be restored, please drop us a email. These tapes are rotated every 3 days.

RE: Server Upgrades - webnetics - 14-07-10

Server Upgrades Completed