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VrCommerce v1.101 - Released - webnetics - 04-04-11

We are proud to release our next version of VrCommence, this release is a bug and some new features.

v1.101 to v1.101 – Release Notes

• Colspan fixed for admin product list when no products found
• Search not working on all pages fixed
• Removed For each in Cache::get function since it returns after the first file anyway
• Added touch() to cache file before unlink to avoid the file race condition
• Add IP back to order edit page (accidentally removed in 1.100)
• Removed language status check for download edit
• Fixed language auto detect to check if language is enabled
• Fixed php error when loading information controller with no information_id
• Possible additional fixes for mail to use base64 encoding in subject
• Fixed column width issue fpr product totals in admin order edit
• Updated Paypal Standard to latest patch + auto-bypass for 0.00 totals
• Fixed text_error in category page
• Email validation simplified to check for *@*.*
• Fixed security issue with Money bookers payment gateway
• Fixed USPS issues do to 2011 change
• Fixed flat rate wording on description (broke in 1.100)
• Fixed Paypal Pro currency conversion issue

• Added PDF catalog module to the admin / frontend
• Added PDF Single Product Flyer, user can create there own PDF datasheet
• Added MSRP to admin / frontend products
• Added visual rows to the admin pages
• Added Customer Activity report
• Added Restricted Customer Groups
• Added Call for price
• Added Next / Previous links to the frontend products
• Added VAT to customers accounts
• Added Customer who bought this product also bought
• Updated Invoice / Packingslip
• Added Ajax live search
• Specials listed in the admin product list also show when start or end is 0000-00-00
• Allow resetting invoice id to 1 by changing invoice prefix
• Added invoice_date field to order to store the date the invoice was generated
• Added invoice date to actual invoice print
• Added additional help text for some features to explain their function better
• New Account Create alert mail option
• Added email to db insert for admin on new install
• Converted setting.php controller to use the new proposed optimization standard methods (cut file size in half)
• Added additional security params in htaccess
• Additional minor code optimizations
• Updated USPS to use RateV4 API
• New Account Success continues to checkout/shipping instead of checkout/cart since it is more intuitive
• Removed FedEx placeholder files since they reference a deprecated api
• Added date header to mail class to help prevent spam filtering