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VrBookings v1.0 – Released - webnetics - 14-06-11

We are delighted to announce the immediate release of VrBookings v1.0 VrBookings is an online booking system for Hotels, Guesthouses or anyone who requires a booking system for their website. The bespoke booking software allows you to start your own online booking system within minutes.

VrBookings has also been designed to simplify the task of online booking and to be incorporated into any website very easily. It also provides users with a unique, intuitive and easy to use interface that improves the way people use the web today.

NOTE: This was formally known as VrReservations

V1.0 New Features and Bug fixes below (Last release was v1R1)

• Added - Automatic CSS "active" link for left/right menu
• Added - Automatically removing of "preparing" orders via Admin Panel -> Booking -> Booking Settings
• Added - Automatically switch according to minimum night in JavaScript calendar
• Added - Groups for customers and possibility to send mass mail by customer groups
• Added - New layout for pages in Add/Edit mode
• Added - New status for booking - "Refunded", old status "Pending" renamed into "Reserved"
• Added - New system page - Contact Us
• Added - Popular search
• Added - Possibility for admin to add/edit Extras and include them with room booking
• Added - Possibility for admin to allow showing fully booked rooms in search
• Added - Possibility to cache system and news pages
• Added - Possibility to customer to delete posted comments
• Added - Possibility to define type of mailer function (2 types) via Admin Panel -> General-> Settings
• Added - Possibility to define type of WYSIWYG Editor (2 types) in Admin Panel -> General -> Settings
• Added - Possibility to display separate album, on page with {module: album=code}
• Added - Possibility to embed new module's tag into pages: {module: rooms}
• Added - Possibility to preview site for admin without log off
• Added - Possibility to search available rooms, using a number of children parameter
• Added - Possibility to see room’s availability by all rooms or single room: Booking Management -> Rooms Availability
• Added - Possibility to show Google Map on About Us page
• Added - Possibility to update vocabulary from uploaded file
• Added - possibility to view room prices on booking page
• Added - Remainder: ACTION REQUIRED on Home Page in Admin Panel
• Added - Reports module for administrator: Bookings -> Information and Statistics -> Reports
• Added - Special CSS style for Admin Login/Restore Password page
• Added - Statistics for user’s registrations/logins, Accounts -> Statistics
• Added -Possibility to define 3 types of registration confirmation: none, by email, by admin
• Updated - Added prefilling of PayPal credit card holder form
• Updated - Admin reservation - added possibility to assign customer to such reservations
• Updated - AJAX compatibility with other scripts, all "$" changed with "jQuery"
• Updated - Auto-filling of customer data on PayPal site
• Updated - Availability calendar view in administrator panel Bookings -> Bookings Management -> Rooms Availability
• Updated - Defining price - added possibility to define price for one day
• Updated - Drawing headers - added possibility to add <IMG> tags for headers with text
• Updated - Functions files split into admin, common and validation files
• Updated - Minor changes on Bookings page in Admin Panel
• Updated - Possibility for admin to make reservation - now without collecting credit card info
• Updated - Prepayment option - added possibility to define prepayment in presents or first night
• Updated - Remove customer account procedure
• Updated - Reservation and booking information in administrator panel
• Updated - Reservation email - added more information about customer
• Updated – Secure image module updated to v.2.0 BETA
• Updated - SEO links for system pages
• Updated - System pages - long links changed into short links
• Updated - Templates - changes structure of xml description file
• Updated - Working with modules in Admin Panel
• Bug Fixed - On installation with magic_quotes_gpc turned 'On'
• Bug Fixed - On language switching, when visitor is found on Check Availability page
• Bug Fixed - Selecting wrongs dates in Check Availability form
• Bug Fixed - With drawing rooms by priority order
• Bug Fixed - With search rooms availability for inactive rooms
• Bug Fixed - Wrong calculating available rooms when search from the Home page
• Bug Fixed - Wrong calculation room price for split period of time
• Bug Fixed - Wrong data in calculating "bookings amount" field for customers table
• Bug Fixed - Wrong data in invoice if booking was performed by admin
• Bug Fixed - Wrong displaying of META tags for system pages
• Bug Fixed - Wrong drawing minimum pre-payment present on Reservation page
• Bug Fixed - Wrong META tags for system pages
• Bug Fixed - Wrong sum of income on statistics page for bookings with different currency
• Bug Fixed - Wrong values in dropdown box, if only online order method allowed
• Bug Fixed - Empty dropdown box if all payment methods were disabled
• Bug Fixed - On duplicate account update for if returning customer, if account registration is not required