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eShop PRO XL6 (rc2) – Released - webnetics - 01-12-12

eShop Pro XL6 is a major update to the eShop range of eCommerce software, and addresses a number of key issues, adds a lot of new functionality, and further increases the power of eShop.

We are pleased to announce the release candidate (RC2) version of eShop XL6. We are planning to upgrade all existing eShop PRO XL5 software from the middle of next week, to the latest versions of eShop PRO XL6.

Bug Fixes and Security Enahancements:

• Customer Service Management System
• Points & Rewards
• Quick Product Updater
• Ultimate SEO URL's
• Order Package Tracking
• Customer Testimonials
• Mainpage Slideshow
• Tabs With Admin
• Margin Reports
• Previous / Next Navigation for Product Pages
• Pretty Photo
• Language Editor has access outside of the language folder
• SEo URL Cache reset update
• CSMM Text update in admin menu
• Add CK Editor to Articles
• SEo URL cache for Reviews
• CDS Categories and Pages Cache
• Add CDS Pages and Categories Fill Tags capability
• Add SEO URL capability for Article Reviews & Article Reviews Info
• Links Categories drop down filter non working
• Cross Sell Articles display issue
• Wish list doesn’t add sub products instead adds the main product
• USPS - First class international shipping not working
• WYSIYG editor missing on newsletter page
• Manual approval of account does not work
• OPC ot module issue
• CDS page.php back button not working
• Additional Product images issue
• popup_tracker.php FedEx tracking issue
• Print invoice language update
• Add CKEditor to Returns Text
• google API call for jQuery needs to be rci
• remove product name from buy now buttons in x-sell
• re-add add to cart button to bottom of product info if subs and multiple add
• Add category parent to seo url's
• Tax calculates on sale Items
• Gift Voucher throws error when Gift voucher total equals order total
• Easy Populate Options Import not working
• Admin Product Attributes titles line breaks
• Fix Paypal IPN
• Incorrect Discount for Sale Items when Tax is Involved
• Admin Product Attributes Titles Missing Line Breaks
• Update SEO Logic for Category URLs
• Easy Populate Options Import Not Working
• Gift Voucher Error When Voucher Total Equals Order Total
• Coupon Admin product View not working
• Sub products not displaying description as blurb
• Credit Card Validation Class is Outdated
• jQuery Pretty Photo main jQuery script call not working
• Customer service - if opened to all users, it breaks the image in the infobox on the front end
• Customer Testimonials Dropdown menu not working when DHTML menu is enabled
• Paypal item total equals £0.00 but shipping charge not accepted
• Admin forgotten password not sending email serial validation problem
• Header Tags Issue
• Move Google Analytics to header update code to new Async
• Express Checkout from shopping Cart page not working (2 parts)
• Paypal Express Checkout error Shipping Address City, State, and Postal Code
• Paypal Website Payment Standard - redirects to paypal account management
• FDMS SQL Issue
• "Add to Cart" functions improperly when using sub-products
• FedEx Web services new module does not support international rates
• Product Slide Show Issues