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eShop Retail V7 and V7 Trade - webnetics - 30-09-07

Following customer feed back we have incorporated new features into eShop.

eShop Retail V7 & eShop Trade V7

Bug Fixes
  • Security vulnerability - These have been fixed
  • Admin Login
  • Contact us page
  • security - open redirectors used by spammers
  • clients can purchase products no longer on the database
PHP & MySQL Upgrade - These have been fixed.

The above issues have now been upgraded on all eshop versions, who are currently hosting with us. This upgrade hasbeen done between the 30/01/2006 and 1/02/2006.

New Features
  • Master Password
  • RMA Returns System
  • Extra product Feilds
  • Extra customer Feilds
  • Batch Emailing
  • Customer Referal Scheme
  • Create offer codes to give discounts on orders
  • Ability to restrict areas of administration and actions to certain accounts
  • Global product price changes
  • Set maximum and minimum quantities that can be ordered for individual products attributes
  • Create templates for labels.

New Reports
  • More payment methods
  • More Shipping methods
  • Supplier System:
  • Assign suppliers to products along with supplier product codes
  • Automatically email suppliers for drop-shipping of orders
  • Set when you want supplier emails to be sent (you don't have to send emails to all suppliers, this is selectable).
  • Send newsletters to sub-sets of your full mailing list, e.g. only those with a certain account type
  • PDF File Uploads

New and Improved Features
  • Email and postal type gift certificates supported