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VirtualLinks.co.uk - webnetics - 30-09-07

We are pound to announce the launch of VirtualLinks.co.uk which is a great new links directory designed to help your page ranking within the major search engines.

It's totally FREE to any one who what's to be listed within VirtualLinks.co.uk.


Create your own login account
Add / Edit your own link & site description
Resize of all screenshots using GD.
Members may submit Review of a Link.
VirtualLinks.co.uk site is automatically submitted to google, yahoo, msn and may more each month.
Guests may rate Links based on a scale.
Anti-cheat system: All votes/reviews. User can't vote more than once!
List over latest, best and most popular, also when you are in a subcategory!

This software will also be available as a generic version on VrScripts.com called VrLinks."