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Newsletter - March 2008
Dear Valued Customer,

Newsletter: March 2008

Welcome to Virtual Web Designs newsletter. You are getting this newsletter, because you are or have been a customer of Virtual Web Designs.

To unsubscribe from our newsletter please email us at with the subject heading “unsubscribe”.

Please note if you currently hold an account with us, this will not unsubscribe you from important system announcements.

This newsletter is available online at


1. SEO / Page Rankings
2. VrHIPs v0.5 Beta
3. VrTextADS v1.0 Released
4. VrCMS v1.0 Released
5. VrShop v1.2 Released
6. eCommerce the Next Generation

SEO / Page Rankings

Google has updated their page rankings four weeks ago. All our SEO clients websites are now currently averaging at a page ranking of 4 some are at a page ranking of 5. New SEO customers, which where taken on in November / December 2007, who had a page ranking of 0 are now averaging between 2-3.

Our own website is now ranking at positions 1 & 2 or in the top 5 on Google, Yahoo & MSN with our chosen keywords. Please note we do not use Google AD Words.


We would also like to give some tips to our customers, who do there own websites on SEO, if you what to read the full blog, please visit this link:

1. Ensure that your website has a clear navigational structure. A logical hierarchical navigation, where subsets of content are easily found, is always essential. Never allow the user to get lost by leading them down a blind alley.

2. Adopt a consistent style for any links. Make sure that links you include are treated in the same way by underlining or using a different colour to draw attention to them.

3. Provide text links whenever you use image rollovers If you use image rollovers, make sure you provide text links somewhere on the page, typically at the bottom.

4. Include meaningful 'alt image' tags. Provide succinct, informative alt image tags that accurately reflect the subject of the image and content of the page.

5. Present your page copy carefully. Organise the structure of page copy in a clear and logical way, using headers and sub-headers to break up large sections of text. Pay particular attention to your page titles, including the primary keyword or key phrase that's relevant to that page.

6. Include a site map. The inclusion of a site map should be a basic requirement for any site, particularly for large sites where a 'drill- down' of information is required.

7. If your site uses mod_rewrite to replace .php, please make sure this has been done correctly. Google may say there are too may redirections on the URL’s.

If you create a user-friendly environment, then many of the basic SEO requirements will also have been met.

VrHIPs v0.5 Beta

Virtual Web Designs are near completion of our, latest software called VrHIPS. We are currently in Beta testing and hopeful we will be releasing this software very soon.

VrHIPs is an Online Booking System for Home Information and eConveyancing Packs. The software has been designed in PHP5 and uses a MySQL 5 as the database. This software can be installed into any website design new or existing. We have also designed a complete CMS integrated into VrHIPs. This will allow you to update your existing website pages without changing your current website design. This will save you time and money as you will not need to pay someone else to update or add new pages to your website.

If you would like your customers to book online for a home survey, from Solicitors, Estate Agents and Home users, this will be the idea software for you. Corporate clients like solicitors could be billed via monthly accounts and home users can be billed via PayPal or Cheque.

General Features

• Online Booking Calendar
• User Area
• View Reports Online or Download reports
• Send reports via email
• Full Admin Area
• Contents Management System, incorporating into any website design. Existing or New
• Newsletter
• FAQ System
• Links Page
• Payment options, PayPal, cheques, Offline Credit Cards, Invoice, monthly account holders.

For more information on VrHIPs, please click here

VrTextADS v1.0 Released

Virtual Web Designs has now released our own bespoke Text Ad Management System called VrTextAds. This has been in the design and development stage for 8 months.

VrTextAds is one of the most powerful text ad management scripts available. It allows you to offer textual ads on your site in a similar fashion to Google / Yahoo, all managed in the backend. Advertisers also have their own control panel to renew their ads, update their ads, monitor clicks / impressions.

VrTextAds will be able to offer text ads on your website to suit any size format, offer ad ranges from week to week, month to month, and much more. VrTextAds offers payment gateway for Paypal with other payment gateways coming soon.

For more information on VrTextADS, please click here …

VrCMS v1.0 Released

Virtual Web Designs have now released our own bespoke Content Management System called VrCMS. This has been in the design and development stage for 12 months.

VrCMS is a Content Management System, which allows you to remotely administer your website from anywhere that you have an Internet Connection and a compatible Web-Browser.

VrCMS is completely different in many ways - it allows the end user to control virtually every aspect of their website, whether it be from layout to how the Meta Tags are generated, making it the number one SEO CMS.

VrCMS becomes even more SEO Friendly (Search Engine Optimised), by allowing what we would call friendly urls - no more question marks in the URL (Universal Resource Locater), but virtual page names.

For more information on VrCMS, please click here …

VrShop v1.2 Released

VrShop 1.2 is mainly a bug-fix release and performance improvement. There are a small number of new features and several new payment gateway integrations.

There are two additional template changes we have made for 1.2, one that allows you to separate the offer code input from the payment option selection whilst checking out and the other to display a stock level table for option stock levels on the product page. These are covered in the template changes section.

Customers who have VrShop 1.1 installed on our server(s), will have their versions upgraded to 1.2. Customers who have bought VrShop 1.1, which are installed on external servers, will need to contact us so we can supply this FREE upgrade, or we will be install this upgrade for free.

eCommerce the next generation

Over the past five years we've seen a dramatic increase in the acceptance of online shopping. But this shift in purchasing culture has brought with it a need for the online shopping experience to develop. Sadly, not all retailers have kept pace with this change.

While the successful ones have now generally completed, or are about to complete, their second phase of eCommerce development, many are still running on first generation sites that do little to enhance the consumer experience and our reluctance to spend on new upgrades. These sites aren't designed around an engaging interface that's targeted at how customers behave online. Today this can be a major barrier to purchase.

You will have to go online to read the rest of this blog.
Webnetics UK Ltd.

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