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VrBookings v1.2 Released
We are delighted to announce the immediate release of VrBookings v1.2 VrBookings is an online booking system for Hotels, Guesthouses or anyone who requires a booking system for their website. The bespoke booking software allows you to start your own online booking system within minutes.

VrBookings has also been designed to simplify the task of online booking and to be incorporated into any website very easily. It also provides users with a unique, intuitive and easy to use interface that improves the way people use the web today.

V1.2 New Features and Bug fixes below (Last release was v1R1)

• New – Able to cancel booking for admin and clients
• New - Add more extras after booking was created
• New – Added Print (with printable view) a Bookings » Description page
• New - Added room availability for each day of year
• New - Admin to allow client reservation cancelation: Bookings -> Booking Settings [Clients May Cancel Reservation]
• New - Admin to assign a room number to each reservation: Bookings -> Description
• New - Admin to define a type of billing numbers: random or sequential
• New - Admin to enter Hotel Reservation ID (for internal use only)
• New - Admin to send invoices by email
• New - Admin to show allow/hide Reservation Form on homepage
• New - Check booking status online
• New - Create packages with minimum-stay requirements
• New - Define a maximum number of allowed no completed reservations per client via Modules -> Bookings -> Booking Settings
• New - Define a number of days before clients may cancel a reservation
• New - Define and use discount coupons on site: Bookings -> Promo and Discounts -> Coupons Management
• New - Define Initial Fee via Modules -> Bookings -> Booking Settings
• New - Define price format: American and European
• New - Define type of the first night value calculating: real or average
• New - Discount campaigns for specific client groups
• New - New field "fax" to client's accounts
• New - New status for bookings: payment error
• New - Payment type - Pay on Arrival
• New - Redirecting of visitor to last visited page after login (booking pages only)
• New - Resend activation email from client login page
• New - Set a size of page for search of rooms availability
• New - Set VAT fee included in price or not Bookings -> Booking Settings [VAT Included in Price]
• New - Testimonials, that allows admin to manage client’s testimonials
• Upgraded - Pre-payment feature - added new types: Full Price, First Night Fixed Sum and Percentage
• Upgraded - "rooms left" message on search result page
• Upgraded - Automatic CSS "active" for left menu links in Administration Panel
• Upgraded - booking statuses - added new status 'payment error'
• Upgraded - Calculating of discount was removed from extras
• Upgraded - Cancellation of reservation - added sending email for client and admin
• Upgraded - Cleaning of displayed text from tags, code holders etc. in search procedure
• Upgraded - Credit cards validation procedure
• Upgraded - Minor changes in Clients Module settings
• Upgraded - minor changes in News Module
• Upgraded - Minor changes in style and functionality of Administration Panel
• Upgraded - Optimized search rooms availability procedures
• Upgraded - Prepayment types - added 'fixed sum', 'percentage' and 'first night'
• Upgraded - Search availability form holds selected check-in/check-out dates on booking page too
• Upgraded - Search feature - search in rooms defined as default
• Upgraded - SEO links redirection on changing language or currency
• Upgraded - Statistics feature - added possibility to view separately taxes and income for bookings
• Upgraded - System pages - added possibility to edit "system page" parameter on edit page
• Upgraded - Working with session variables
• Fixed - Admin in Preview Mode couldn't see system pages
• Fixed - Calculating of rooms availability
• Fixed - Order displaying odd rooms after searching
• Fixed - Preferred language when it was set as inactive
• Fixed - Price for partial payment (first night) was calculating without VAT

Webnetics UK Ltd.

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