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VrEncoder v0.5 Beta
Virtual Web Designs are now in the process of Beta testing of our latest software called VrEncoder. This will be sold as a standalone package and will also be incorporated in our VrTracker software, which is PHP licensing software system.

VrEncoder has been specifically designed to protect software or scripts written using the PHP programming language from being altered in any way. This means they cannot be viewed, changed, or run on unlicensed computers.

VrEncoder protects PHP / HTML scripts with obfuscated bytecode protection and a custom execution engine. In addition, any other project files can be automatically encrypted if required.


• Works with PHP4.x or better
• Requires no additional software to be installed on your server or on your clients server
• Works both on your localhost server OR online via HTTP
• Requires no changes to the default PHP installation
• Works in PHP safe mode and with globals off
• Encrypts PHP or HTML files (including HTML or javascript embedded into PHP)
• ZLIB compression as part of the encryption.
• Encrypts Browser HTML Output (Protects HTML source! / form data / image URL's and email addresses - the right click function is also disabled!)
• Encrypt only segments of your page(s)
• Encrypt individual files, complete directories, or ZIP files
• Password protect scripts with your own unique unlock key
• Unique page Encryption
• LOCK your script to specific IP addresses or domain names
• Create your own expiry date so that trial software, scripts, or pages run out after a specific time or on a specific date
• Create and Save multiple projects
• Runs super fast
• Can also be added into our VrTracker, PHP licensing software system.
Webnetics UK Ltd.

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