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Newsletter - July 2008
Dear Valued Customer,

Newsletter: July 2008

Welcome to Virtual Web Designs newsletter. You are getting this newsletter, because you are or have been a customer of Virtual Web Designs.

To unsubscribe from our newsletter please email us at with the subject heading “unsubscribe”.

Please note if you currently hold an account with us, this will not unsubscribe you from important system announcements.


1. New Data Centre – Server Move
2. Nominet Registrar
3. New Online Invoicing System
4. Search Engine Optimisation & Registration
5. New Software Planned for 2008
7. Bespoke Software

New Data Centre – Server Move

We will be changing our current data centre to a new data centre from July 2008. All our customers will be placed on new Xeon Dual Core servers running either Unix or Windows. The planned changeover will take effect from mid July to the end of August 2008.

We will be introducing a new control panel and webmail, all users will have greater control over there own hosting accounts. We will release more information, once the new servers have been setup and are working correctly.

On behalf of all clients we will be voluntarily offsetting the CO2 emissions caused by our servers in this new data centre.

The data centre currently uses a conservation charity World Land Trust as the organisation to carry out their offset. World Land Trust regenerates degraded forest in Ecuador, working through local partners. Planting native species on land next to standing forest not only takes CO2 out of the atmosphere it also extends existing wildlife reserves, thus preserving threatened habitat and biodiversity.


New Xeon Dual Core Servers
New Anti-Spam filtering software with user control
New Control Panel
New Webmail

We apologies in advance for any inconvenience caused, by this move.

Nominet Registrar

Virtual Web Designs (Webnetics UK Ltd) has now become a member of Nominet enabling us to register all .uk domains for our customers. Our new IPS TAG will be WEBNETICSUK

We are in the process of writing new software to comply with Nominet Automation, EPP Systems and email PGP Encryption using our servers. Once the software has been completed Nominet will then test to make sure it complies with their rules. Once it has been approved by Nominet. Our IPS Tag will then be made active.

Search Engine Optimisation & Registration

Our search engine optimisation & registration service has also done very well last year and also looks like it going to be just as successful this year. All our customers who have signed up for this service have found their websites doing very well on Google, Yahoo, Msn, etc. We have also increased there Page Ranking and Alexa Ranking. Some of our customers are no longer paying for Google Ad words, saying then a lot of money. We have also increased the number of visitors by up to 65%. How do we know this is by using our own live tracking system. This records live stats in real time, unlike Google stats you don’t have to wait 24 hours for results. This will also tracks PHP websites, as well as static html pages. VrStats has been in beta testing for 1 year now and works very well. Using VrStats has helped us to target our clients websites to the right audience.

If customers what a FREE demo using VrStats for 7 days, please contact us.

New software planned for 2008

Virtual Web Designs has some existing new software planned for this year. We have seen a gap in the market for high quality software at very affordable prices, under cutting a lot of the software supplies for bespoke software by up to ¾ in some cases. How de we achieve this? Over the last three years we have designed and developed software for various clients. We always try to design our software in modular format, so we can quickly put new software packages together at very low prices. This way the client does not pay for the development of new software. We are also planning to sell all our software from our new site will be selling VrTracker from its own website, this is due to be launched in August 2008. PHPTracker will be totally independent from PHPTracker will also be the main support and selling site for VrTracker. All further upgrades will come from PHPTracker. Upgrades will still be available from, once they come available.

VrTracker is a complete PHP licensing and distribution system for Independent Software Vendors and PHP Developers from start to finish. Through the very flexible administrative panel, you are able to configure your settings and then simply sit back and dedicate your time to developing your product - without needing to worry about ordering, licensing or distribution.

Completely automated, you are able to setup multiple order forms across different sites, which your users can use to purchase your product. VrTracker then handles the invoicing and payment from your customers, and once completed can automatically issue a license key and provide access to your product downloads through the client area.

Bespoke software

If you're ever in need of a particular bespoke software application then drop us an e-mail for a free quote, All prices quoted are fixed and firm, unless you require additional work outside the original quote.

We feel so confident about our bespoke software prices, if you find a quote cheaper than us we will match there price and take 10% off.
Webnetics UK Ltd.

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