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Client Management System
Following on from our last announcement in August 2008, we have now introduced a new online Client Management System (CMS). The new Client Management System is fully integrated with our new servers and support system. All actions applied from within your account are processed in real time.

To access the Client Management System, we have assigned all customers with their default email address as the username, to obtain your password. Please select forgotten password option, and a new password will be sent to you. You will then be able to gain access to the CMS.

Members Area =
Username =
Password - Please select the forgotten password option and a new password will be emailed to your default email address.

Please make sure all your current contact details are correct, as these details will be used to keep your domain name(s) up to date. So we can comply with Nominet & NIC regulations on domain names.

CMS Features

• Manage your own domain names, in real time.
• Entire product / domain history with statuses
• Manage your personal details
• Access your hosting control panel
• Access your webmail
• Full Invoice & Payment records history
• Complete email history viewable
• Renew products through your control panel or buy new products in real time.
• Automatic Reminders
• Download Area – Customers who have bought our software
• And much more ….


We have always issued our invoices with a clear “pay by date”, in advance before a renewal is required. A very small amount of our clients, wish to continuously ignore there “pay by date” and pay well passed these dates. So we no longer have to continuously chase these clients for payment. We have now introduced a new automation system, when an invoice is not paid by a given date. The CMS will automatically suspend their account and any associated services until payment has been received, also after a given time the account will automatically be removed from our servers.

NOTE: This part of our CMS will only be enabled on accounts, where clients continuously ignore the “pay by date”.

Automatic – Reminders

We have also introduced a new automation system, where reminders will be sent out x days before a product expires i.e. domain names, hosting, extras, etc. You will still have the opportune to renew your domain names / hosting using your control panel and take advantage of the new lower priced domain names*, or just wait for a paper invoice and pay by Cheque or BACS. We will update your account manually.

NOTE: *If you would like to take advantage of the lower prices for your domain names, you will have to switch from paper invoicing to electronic invoicing and pay online. If you wish to take up this option, please let us know.

Please note any new products bought though the CMS will automatically be on our new system and no paper invoices will be issued.
Webnetics UK Ltd.

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