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We Going Green
While there’s much debate and controversy and differing statistics concerned with the issue of climate change, there’s one point upon which everyone agrees: reducing the energy that you consume is both good for the environment and good for our pockets. We’re all aware of the usual commonsense stuff—take public transport or ride your bike instead of driving, wear a jumper instead of turning on the heater (No wife!) … but there are also specific measures that Virtual Web Designs can make. That’s why we have decided to do something. We have now changed our data centre to a new green data centre, making improvements to our office to cut down on our energy usage, change our desktop pc’s for laptops. Replace existing lighting for more effective low energy lighting. Also do not leave equipment on overnight.

Green hosting.

We also believe in green hosting, that’s why we have changed our current data centre to a new carbon neutral data centre. This may be more expensive for us, but we do think it’s a price well worth paying.

Green energy.

We have also changed our current energy supplier to a green energy supplier, we find this a more effective way to reduce our emissions, and it’s cheaper than installing solar panels.

Running on green energy means we can be safe in the knowledge that our business is no longer contributing to global warming.

Desktop PC’s for a Laptops

We are in the process of swapping all our desktop pc’s for Laptop computers. Laptop computers are built, to use less energy than our desktop pc. These days, a laptop computer is fast enough and contains enough memory and hard-drive space to serve as our primary PC in the office.

CRT monitor for an LCD.

We no longer use CRT monitors instead we now use LCD’s monitors. LCD’s, in general, use less energy than a CRT monitor of the same size.

Turn off your computer and monitor overnight.

There may be a good reason why we leave our computers throughout the night while we’re at home. We always make sure all our equipment his been turned off a night before we leave for home. This alone has saved us loads of money and carbon emissions.

Unplug battery chargers overnight.

Chargers for laptop computers, AA and AAA rechargeable batteries, and other appliances generate heat when left plugged in, even when they’re not being used. It may be convenient to leave them plugged in, ready to charge for you at a moment’s notice without your having to scrabble about in the darkness under your desk, but only plugging them when you need to use them will save a few carbon emissions as well as help reduce your power bill.

Use energy-efficient lights.

We have also changed our lighting for more effective low energy lighting. During the summer, there are many days where it’s just not necessary to turn on most of the lights in the office. Not only is natural light free, but it also contains Vitamin D.

Going paperless

We are also in the process of changing our billing system from paper invoices to electronic invoices. For every paper invoice we save in printing, we will donate the cost of that invoice to the Woodland Trust.
Webnetics UK Ltd.

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