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Search ranking through your domain name
Your business is your domain and vice versa. Selecting the right domain name and sub-domains for your website is important and can have a significant impact on how visible you are on the world wide web. There are several easy steps to consider when choosing your website address to help boost your search engine ranking and increase your online visibility.

Use your keywords The more you use your keywords on your site, the higher the rank you'll achieve — and using your keywords in the domain name will give you a further ranking boost.

2 Tweak the URL Ensure page URLs are descriptive and use your commonly searched-for keywords to do this.

For example, instead of www.sportshopexampte.

use www.sportshop tennis shoes.

3 Use sub-domains A sub-domain is part of a larger domain and can be used to assign a unique name to a department. Google views them as separate websites, which enables you to capture an increased share of the search results page.

4 Go local Buy the top-level domain of the country your site is targeted at (,, etc).

5 Buy existing (or dropped) domains. Look for domain names with a high number of back links to take advantage of their Page Rank. Google also takes into account a domain's age, so if you can buy an old name, you'll get a boost.

6 The right domain and good content If you can find a domain name with a keyword related to your site's topic, great — but remember that other SEO) techniques must be used as well. Adding relevant and up-to-date content to your site is invaluable for the search engines and will see your web profile lifted. Our site for example, uses its blog to keep our content fresh.
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