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Google Chrome
A Google have enter into the browser market earlier than anticipated with a browser called Google Chrome a cutting edge web browser that has been created with today’s internet user in mind. Google Chrome is a browser that combines a minimal design with sophisticated technology to make the web faster, safer, and easier.

One box for everything

Type in the address bar and get suggestions for both search and web pages.

Thumbnails of your top sites

Access your favorite pages instantly with lightning speed from any new tab.

Shortcuts for your apps

• Get desktop shortcuts to launch your favorite web applications.

• The browser also offer several unique features including Advanced tabbed browsing where each tab gets its own process, significantly reducing
• browser crashes
• A distinct layout that places tabs on top of the browser window instead of underneath the address bar
• A new JavaScript engine that is geared for speed
• Increased browser security through automatically updated malware and phishing lists
• A default home page that displays your most visited websites and other customizable information
• A privacy mode that lets you browse websites in complete privacy without recording any of your activity.

In Google Chrome is in beta version, you can get anywhere on the Web with one box. The address bar that sits at the top of the normal Google Chrome window simplifies your Internet experience by doubling as a search box. You can also use it to bookmark websites and stay aware about the security of a website.

With Google Chrome is still in beta testing, and for those who have an even higher tolerance for rough-around-the-edges software, Google also offers developer versions. Google Chrome version is the latter.

The new update is tagged by Google as containing mostly bug fixes as well as a new download behaviour - which is also an important thing to note. Security researcher “Aviv Raff” had alleged that Google Chrome was at risk from a Carpet Bombing flaw that would let downloaded files execute on a users desktop - the new Google Chrome version update changes download behaviour. According to Google’s release notes:

Changes the download behavior for files that could execute code (exe, dll, bat, etc.). These files are now downloaded to unconfirmed_*.download files. In the browser, you’re asked if you want to accept the download. Only after you click Save is the unconfirmed_*.download file converted to the real file name. Unconfirmed downloads are deleted when Google Chrome exits.

The big thing for me though is really one bug that is fixed dealing with plugings. Google notes that in the new update of Google Chrome runs plugins at a normal priority so that they notes that in the new update of Google Chrome runs plugins at a normal priority so that they do not cause the browser to become unresponsive. That’s a huge thing. In my experience with Google Chrome thus far it is typically a plugin (often Flash) that becomes unresponsive crashing the browser. Putting the plugin at the same priority is an interesting fix - though I’m not sure how that relates to Google’s idea of sandboxing processes. Their is also a really interesting JavaScript bug fix here too.

Change the minimum timer resolution for setTimeout() to 4 milliseconds (up from 1ms). At 1ms, some pages would spin in tight loops and consume 100% of CPU.

Intuitively I would have thought that a lower timer resolution would have meant better performance - but that’s apparently not always the case.

You can down a copy of Google Chrome at and any other Google home page.
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