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Important System Announcement
Dear Valued Customer,

We would like to remind all our customers that our new automated system which is part of our CMS (Client Management System), will go live on the 1st November, as announced in our last newsletter (October).

Our new automated system, will take us one step closer to going paperless and being environmentally friendly, like our hosting which is now 100% carbon neutral. The CMS will issue the following information in the form of emails, some with PDF attachments:


• Upcoming Domain Renewals - Starting at 60 days before the domain expires
• Hosting Accounts Renewals – Starting at 30 days
• Additional Services – Starting at 30 days
• Whois data reminders – These will be issued at random
• Invoicing – Automatically issued 30 days before a product is due for renewal.
• Invoice Reminders
• Recurring Payments (Subscription), synchronised with WorldPay
• All domain data will be automatically synchronised with Nominet and our gTLD registrar
• All renewals are synchronised with our servers i.e hosting, extras, software leasing, etc


There will be some crossover with invoicing and reminders, as these would have been issued before the system went live. Any automated invoices issued after the crossover will be sorted out manually. Paper invoices will still be issued to those customers who have not opted to pay online, but will still receive an electronic invoice / reminder.
Webnetics UK Ltd.

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