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VrForms PRO v1.0
VrForms PRO is an all-in-one form processing script written in PHP5 & MySQL5 with the option of using Sum CAPTCHA, Letter CAPTCHA, and photo CAPTCHA, which can be defined from a secure Admin area. VrForms PRO will process any form data and send the contents to you by email and will also store the form data within a database, for later retrieval.


· Easy to install, with online installer.
· Complete PDF manual (Over 50 pages)
· Can be installed into any HTML page or PHP page, using our unique templating system.
· Secure Admin Area
· Define User options
· Define which fields are logged into the database
· Add extra users
· System Logging
· Control the whole form process from the Admin area
· Define email templates
· Define auto responder text
· View all form data from within the Admin area, no external config files.
· Export all data from the Admin area as a CVS file.
· Process any from data on a form
· Copy emails to other users
· Allow users to attach file uploads, which can be uploaded to your server or as an attachment.
· Define the file Size
· Define the file Types, pdf, jpg, doc, etc
· Upload files to the your server, which can be sent with an auto responder
· Set Required fields
· Auto responder
· Log sender's IP address
· Block IPs addresses
· Block referring web addresses
· Block bad words
· CSV output to a file or view the from data from the admin area
· Referrer checking
· Letter CAPTCHA
· Upload Photo images from the Admin area
· Define how many Photos will appear on the form
· Define the Sum & Letter character size
· Define the Sum & Letter fonts used
· Define the background of the Sum & Letter CAPTCHA
· Sum & Letter characters are very readable, no squashed characters like some forms.
· HTML email or plain format
· Ignore fields
· Sort fields
· Auto redirect to a thank you page, defined in the admin area
· Licence for 1 domain name
· Many more features …..
· Free support

System Requirements

Ioncube, Zend or NuSphere Encorder
Webnetics UK Ltd.

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