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Virtual Web Designs has a new makeover
Our existing website has been re-designed with a new modem vibrant look, new content, significant layout updates, also incorporating our new Customer Support Management sytem (CMSs). All the contents you see within our website is controled from own in-house contents management system called VrCMS. All pages are writtern in php and then re-writen using our unquie SEO url’s software, this will allow us keep our present page ranking within Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc. this will also alow us to increase our page ranking position within all the major search engines..

We have also introduced some new services, from Hosting resellers accounts to our new service called ‘Flash Video Presenter’, this will allow you to have your own personal presenter on your website explaining your products.

We will also be offering our existing eShop PRO owners, the chance to upgrade to our latest eCommerce software called ‘eShop PRO XL5’. For more details please email us.
Webnetics UK Ltd.

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