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.Tel Domain Name
Set to become the industry standard for online communication

Businesses and individuals can now secure their own .Tel domain name at a premium fee of £88 for a 1 year subscription during what is known as the landrush period. With orders being treated on a first come first served basis, those who are serious about protecting their brand are urged to secure their .tel domain as early as possible.

The premium fee charged for the registration of a .tel in the landrush period (3 February - 23 March 2009) is due to the high costs the official .tel registry is charging in an attempt to discourage domain squatters from snapping up hundreds of .Tel domain names for resale purposes.

However, from March 23rd, the next stage of the .tel launch calendar (general availability) will commence and our price will drop to a round £14.95 to £24.00 for a one year registration! So, if you are willing to wait till the general availability period, you will find it tough to find an official .tel registrar offering .tel domain names cheaper.

What is a .tel domain name?

The .tel is a service that allows individuals and businesses alike to store and manage all their contact information and keywords directly in the DNS without the need to build, host or manage a website.

A .tel enables you to store, update and publish all your contact information, web links and keywords directly on the internet under your own unique domain name.

How is a .tel different than a normal domain name?

Before the .tel came around when a person wished to create a web presence they would register a domain name (such as a .com or, and attach this domain name to web hosting. Once the content of the website had been created using a particular code such as HTML, the domain name owner would be able to publish their website information live.

With a .tel there is no need for hosting. You simply log-into a control panel and fill in your company or personal details into pre-defined forms. Once you press publish, your company details will be live and accessible on the web.

The .tel is a great way for business owners to create a web presence for their company online in a professional preformatted way. The process doesn’t require a large time commitment or any experience with web design. If you have ever filled out a form online, then you can get a .tel up and running in minutes.
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