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eShop PRO XL5 MultiShops v1 - Released
eShop Pro XL5 MultiShops is a major release to our eShop range of eCommerce software, adds a lot of new functionality, and further increases the power of eShop.

We find most online retailers try to serve all customers, all brands and all geographies with a single shop because it has been too difficult and expensive to manage multiple shops.

With eShop PRO XL5 MultiShops, this is no longer the case. You can now manage multiple shops - as many as your business requires - easily and inexpensively. Each eShop can have its own:

· Graphics, look and feel
· Navigation
· Product catalog & pricing
· Promotions
· Shipping options
· Checkout process

Common features such as categories, and products can be shared between shops to reduce setup and duplication.

Regardless of how you design your shops, administrators can manage all there shops for which they are authorised from. A single admin area and where you can work with customers and orders from any shop. You authorised individual users to access all shops or individual shops. So your staff can operate efficiently no matter how many shops you operate.

eShop PRO XL5 MultiShops was designed from the start with several specific architectural and security features to improve performance, simplify administration and optimise resource utilisation:


· All the features of eShop PRO XL5
· Product pricing group
· Product discounting group
· Create additional shops directly from the admin area with minimal involvement
· All shops can run on a single server
· All shops access a single database
· Sharing of catalog information between shops as you wish - each shop can have a
· Unique catalog or offer identical products at different prices etc.
· User permissions down to specific shops or catalogs
· Control all aspects of a shop's configuration including supported currencies, languages, accepted payment methods, taxes, shipping, search and navigation behaviour and more.
Webnetics UK Ltd.

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