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Network Power Failure
Dear Valued Customer,

At approximately 16:48 GMT the Stratford, London facility lost mains power from the power grid.

The time-line of events is as follows:

16:48 - Power to site lost - running on UPS.
17:15 - UPS systems depleted, generators failed to start
17:30 - Generators failovers failed to function despite multiple attempts - The power engineers were dispatched.18:32 - The power engineers arrived on site.
18:54 - The power engineer estimates 30-45 minutes to return power to site.
19:16 - The power was returned to site and the process of booting up each rack commenced.
19:35 - All racks powered up and brought on-line.

The last twenty-four hours have seen numerous power grid blips but the system as designed have taken the load with the UPS battery backup and generators keeping the facility live, ensuring an un-interrupted service.

Yesterday however, at 16:48 a failure in the control boards prevented the generators from powering the facility once the power from the grid failed, a manual bypass was installed to get the facility on-line.
Webnetics UK Ltd.

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