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Leased Software – eShop B2B XL5
Virtual Web Designs are now offering additional leased software, starting with eShop PRO XL5 and eShop B2B XL5

Leasing software has become the preferred method for businesses of all sizes looking for an effective method of budgeting software solutions. If the software is going to help your business save money or make more of it, Virtual Web Designs will help you.

We are currently offering:

eShop PRO XL5 as leased software, for only £ 10.00 per month
eShop B2B XL5 as leased software, for only £ 15.00 per month

What are the Benefits of Leasing?

• Fixed monthly payments for the life of the lease
• Improve cash flow and preserve working capital
• Expense the software rather than capitalising and depreciating over a longer period
• Leasing payments can be fully tax-deductible
• Flexible payments
• Better budgeting controls
• No commitment fees
• No additional charges

What you get…

• Install Software & Setup eShop PRO*
• Latest Version of eShop PRO XL5 or eShop B2B XL5
• Software Licence for 1 Domain Name
• Domain Name - (2 Years) or a .com (1 Year)
• eShop PRO XL5 or eShop B2B XL5 Software (Full Version)
• Hosting & email account (eCommerce) – See our hosting page for full details.
• Personal 128 Bit SSL i.e
• Lifetime support
• Lifetime Software upgrades
• No minimum contract term
• Full Template Control, you have complete control over your shop from design to email templates, etc.
• Full Manual online
• Control Panel - Client Management System
• FREE Lifetime membership to ‘’
• A demo can also be arranged, if required.


Leasing for only £ 10.00 per month or £15 per month and a *one-off setup fee £ 49.99, No minimum term.

Total cost £ 69.99, then £ 10.00 per month or £ 15 per month, your can your shop up and running in 24 hours.


To Design a bespoke template for your shop will start from £ 100.00, or you can design your own template.

Personal 128 Bit SSL

With a Personal SSL your site will be accessed securely via its own domain name i.e. A static IP address with its own secure server is configured for your site and up to 256 Bit SSL certificate registered for your organisation and installed upon it. After 1 year your personal SSL will have to be re-registered, this is already included in the monthly price.

Domain Names

All domain names are registered to you for two years or 1 year; once the domain name has been registered you will then become the legal owner (NOT VIRTUAL WEB DESIGNS). After 1 year or 2 years these will then have to be re-registered, this is already included in the monthly price.

All prices included VAT
Webnetics UK Ltd.

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