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VrCommerce v1R3 - Released
After further testing of VrCommerce we are proud to release the next beta version v1R3

This version will only be available to register members, for testing. Please use our forums to report any bugs, etc.

We are planning to have the final release late September 2010

• Frontend not viewable in Maintenance Mode, even when logged in as admin.
• Adding items to cart shows no products in cart
• Deleting Downloads from Admin does not remove file
• Paypal warning about Receiver Email doesn't match
• Cart sidebox checkout button is HTTP instead of HTTPS
• Paypal Standard not passing Handling and other order fees.
• Paypal Standard not setting state for Authorization mode.
• Transparent PNG Images not always working.
• Unchecking all user group options gives foreach error when logging in with a user in that group
• Product report grouped by product_id instead of model since that is a not a unique field
• Maintenance mode bypass for payment callback updates
• Product stock restore on order delete
• Restored the default --None-- option in the order status list (added in Beta 1 and lost in Beta 2)
• Improved default confirm message to be clear about the action
• Fixed Search page bookmark
• Added support for + in email addresses
• Fixed page total for filter by customer group on admin customer list
• Admin user and Customer email logins were case-sensitive
• Fixed account/invoice error when no order id is supplied
• Fixed HTTP to HTTPS in breadcrumb for account related pages
• Partial fix for & in storename and contact form
Webnetics UK Ltd.

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