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VrReservations v1R2 – Released
We are delighted to announce the immediate release of VrReservations v1R2 final version. VrReservations is an online booking system for Hotels, Guesthouses or anyone who requires a booking system for there website. The bespoke booking software allows you to start your own online booking system within minutes.

VrReservations has also been designed to simplify the task of online booking and to be incorporated into any website very easily. It also provides users with a unique, intuitive and easy to use interface that improves the way people use the web today.

Ideal for:

• Hotels
• Bed and Breakfasts
• Campsites
• Tour and Travel Company
• Or anyone who requires an online booking system
• And many more …..

v1R1 to v1R2 Release Notes

• New - Added 2Checkout Payment Provider
• New - Header Text, Slogan and Footer text for each language: General -> Settings -> Visual Settings
• New - automatic translation via Google: Languages Settings -> Vocabulary [Edit] [Translate via Google]
• New - Meta Tags <TITLE>, <KEYWORDS> and <DESCRIPTION> for each language: General -> Settings -> Visual Settings
• New - new settings in Contact Us module: time delay between sending emails and captcha verification
• New - Admin to ban users by IP or email: General -> Ban List
• New - Admin to change date format
• New - Admin to create and manage discount campaigns
• New - Admin to create/edit email templates via Mass Mail & Templates -> Email Templates
• New - Admin to define availability for rooms Hotel Management -> Rooms Management -> [Availability]
• New - Admin to define minimum nights stay per booking Modules -> Booking Settings
• New - Admin to define VAT for whole site or for separate country. General -> Countries [VAT]
• New - Admin to define whether to send or not copy of booking email to admin
• New - Admin to enter additional payment value: Bookings -> [Edit]
• New - Admin to pre-moderate comments via Modules -> Comments Management
• New - Admin to reserve rooms via Bookings -> Make a Reservation
• New - Admin to send mass mail to customers via Mass Mail & Templates -> Mass Mail
• New - Customer to leave additional info while booking and admin can read this
• New - Search available rooms with new parameter: max. adults
• New - WYSIWYG editor for Room Description fields and Hotel Info
• New - new system page "Terms & Conditions". Menu & Pages -> Edit System Pages [Terms and Conditions]
• Upgraded - Able to change system page name and automatic drawing of system pages at the top and bottom
• Upgraded - statistics for bookings: Added monthly "Income" calculation
• Upgraded – Can now edit date/time for news
• Upgraded - Added some changes in Gallery Module
• Upgraded - Contact Us module - Added telephone field and text-direction
• Upgraded - CSS Styles in default template
• Upgraded - Added local time on Front-End: now it show date/time translated into local language
• Upgraded - minor changes in admin panel style
• Upgraded - minor changes in installation module
• Upgraded - on rooms availability page Added more info, like price per night etc.
• Upgraded – Extra security against session hijacking attempts
• Upgraded - SEO links generating, also Added SEO links for news pages
• Upgraded - site styles renamed in templates and Added xml description for each template

• Bug - in calculating room price for booking, shown in booking description in admin panel
• Bug - in drawing calendar for availability search
• Bug - in drawing images for rooms in Front-End
• Bug - in drawing of module links in footer menu when module was installed
• Bug - on creating new customer with password encryption md5
• Bug - on creating new room with empty images
• Bug - removed \' from the search result text
• Bug - wrong currency displayed on Room Description page
• Bug - wrong prices values on room description page
• Bug - wrong time zone synchronization between Hotel and Rooms Availability calendar
• Bug - in saving meta tags for pages
• Bug: - "Web Page expired" message after search availability page
• Bug: - on create account page, when password encryption is turned 'On'

Webnetics UK Ltd.

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