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VrDesk v1R1 Beta – Released
After nearly 11 months of development work to make a robust and feature-rich helpdesk support suite, Virtual Web Designs are proud to announce a beta release of our new helpdesk suite called VrDesk, this has been designed to run on PHP 5.2.x and 5.3.x

VrDesk is helpdesk software that allows you to process your daily support request. It will help you to create a customer support centre where you can facilitate eased communication and issue tracking between customers and support staffs.

This version will only be available to register members, for testing. Please use our forums to report any bugs, etc. We hope to have the final release very soon.

VrDesk will be a major new release to our exiting range of software, and addresses a number of key issues, adds a lot of new functionality, and further increases the power of our Vr range of software.

• Easy and quick to manage your daily support request.
• With fully template based, it is very flexible to customise the look of the helpdesk.
• Save your money and get more compared with other competing software.
• Free update for one year.


Front End User
• Create new ticket with or without user registration
• Ticket history and view individual ticket
• Customer can create and reply ticket via helpdesk website or by email
• Rate and comment tickets
• Knowledgebase directory
• Download directory
• Announcements
• Page

Back End (Admin and Staffs)
• Create new ticket for customer
• Browse and view tickets
• Tickets statistic
• Predefined reply
• Scheduled POP3 email processing to create tickets automatically
• Manage knowledgebase directory
• Manage download directory
• Manage announcement
• Private messages among staffs
• Manage departments
• Manage users unlimited number
• Job schedule for staff
• Ability to ban user through email address or ip address
• Flood control to avoid double ticket submission
• Customise helpdesk appearance using style sheet and template files
• Manage email templates
Webnetics UK Ltd.

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