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Newsletter - December 2007
Dear Valued Customer,

Newsletter: December 2007

Welcome to Virtual Web Designs newsletter. You are getting this newsletter, because you are or have been a customer of Virtual Web Designs.

To unsubscribe from our newsletter please email us at with the subject heading “unsubscribe”.

Please note if you currently hold an account with us, this will not unsubscribe you from important system announcements.

This newsletter is available online at


1. Christmas Opening Times
2. New Software – VrAds
3. Company Blog Launched
4. Forums Launched
5. .asia Domain
6. New website launched –
7. Webnetics UK website having a makeover
8. Webnetics UK SecureTrading
9. Search Engine Optimisation & Registration
10. Spam
11. Feedback Survey 2007

Christmas Opening Times – 2007

May we take this opportunity to thank you for your custom throughout 2007 and to wish you a Happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year for 2008.

22nd – 28th December – Closed
29th December – 10:00 – 13:00
30th December – 1st January 2008 Closed

We will still offer email support over the Christmas period, however this will only be available for emergency issues only.

VrAds v1.0 Released

We are pound to announce our latest release called VrAds. VrAds is ad management system. VrAds was designed with the website publisher in mind who would like to get his / her ads up on a site without having to spend ages climbing up a hefty learning curve. VrAds provides useful features such as Geo Targeting and ad expiration. We currently use this software on our own sites.

For more information please visit

Company Blog

Last month we decided to launch our own company blog. However, with every company in the world now blogging, we don’t just want to talk about Virtual Web Designs or talk about nothing, we wanted to provide interesting posts that are relevant to the running a company involved in website designing.

As such, we will post an entry covering a specific issue, in depth. This might range from the discussion in picking the right domain name, as we’ll move onto in this post to creating a form builder in PHP, from working with a specific payment processor to promotion techniques and marketing. We hope to cover topics that we are involved with on a daily basis and not just use the blog as a tool for promotion, as a lot companies do.

We have split the blog into these main categories:

1) Designing
2) Marketing
3) Programming
4) Security
5) Server

For more information please visit


We have also decided to launch our own company forums, after a number of requests. These forums will cover all our software ranges, to sales questions and the latest news from us.

For more information please visit

.asia domain

With the advent of the new .asia domain, interest is high in the internet presence of the Asia-Pacific region as a whole. So we thought it was timely for us to do a blog on this new domain name.

To read our blog on this subject please visit is an online classified advertising site where you can buy and sell your stuff for free.

We have twelve categories on the site encompassing everything from cars to computers to careers. You could say it's the place to come to sort your life out... you can buy or rent a property in the UK or overseas, find a date, buy a pet or sell the clothes your kid has grown out of. And all for free.

We are planning to launch this site in January 2008, and we will also be selling this software as a generic version from our Vr Range of software.

Webnetics UK website having a makeover

Our parent website is currently having a complete makeover, to reflect our internet activities. This is due to be re-launched in January 2008.

Webnetics UK SecureTrading Partner

Webnetics UK has now become an authorised Secure Trading partner. This means that you will now be able to apply for a merchant account, though us. Secure Trading will also be fully integrated into all our eCommerce software.

Some of the benefits of using SecureTrading:

• They don't charge a setup fee
• They only charge for settled transactions
• They don't charge extra for using different payment methods - your customers can use VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Switch, Solo, Delta or WAP
• They don't charge extra for processing any refunds, declines, cancellations or suspensions that you do
• They don't charge extra for features such as multicurrency authorisation and settlement, repeat billing, AVS (Address Verification System) card security codes, etc.
• They don't charge for multiple payment pages on the same account
• They don't charge for duplicate/fraud checks
• They don't limit the number of different products that you can sell online. Sell as many lines as you want at no extra charge

Bespoke software

This year we have seen a lot of bespoke software requests from various clients, from simple website forms with database access to Training & Support Systems, and a lot more Content Management Systems.

If you're ever in need of a particular bespoke software application then drop us an e-mail for a free quote, All prices quoted are fixed and firm, unless you require additional work outside the original quote.

We feel so confident about our bespoke software prices, if you find a quote cheaper than us we will match there price and take 10% off.

Search Engine Optimisation & Registration

Our new search engine optimisation & registration service has also done very well this year. All our customers who have signed up for this service have found their websites doing very well on google, yahoo, msn, etc. Also some of our customers are no longer paying for Google Ad words, saying then a lot of money. You will also find some good tips on SEO in our blog.


We are please to inform all our customers that we have not had any reported Spam related issues, since August 2007 and no complaints from AOL or Hotmail.

Remember that spam filters can be installed on your account for £30 p.a. This will reduce your spam levels by 98%.

You can also reduce spam by setting your catch-all to delete. This will reduce a large amount of spam. Our spam filters have also been upgraded in October 2007 with new software, hardware and an introducing a Grey Listing, to reflect the changes in spamming habits.

Feedback Survey 2007

Please take a few minutes of your valuable time to fill out our end of year customer survey. This helps us to help you.

NOTE: This survey is completely anonymous. We do not record any information, which may identify you.

We would like you to be honest when answering these questions, there are a total of 31 questions, split in to the following sections:

1) Support
2) Pricing
3) Hosting & Email
4) Our Website
5) Other

You can access this survey at
Webnetics UK Ltd.

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