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VrCommerce PRO V2 Beta 2 – Released
After nearly months of development work to make our VrCommerce a more robust and feature-rich eCommerce system, Virtual Web Designs are proud to announce the next release of VrCommerce PRO v2 Beta.

This version will only be available to register members, for testing. Please use our forums to report any bugs, etc. We hope to have the final release very soon.

This is a minor release that fixes some issues that have been reported since releasing v2 Beta 1

• Added - Additional files
• Fixed - No longer requires the filter extension installed on php Replace thickbox with fancybox since its no longer support
• Fixed - the JSON fallback function if the JSON extension is not installed on php
• Fixed - an issue with the logo image not updating when changed
• Fixed - Compatibility issues with IE8, IE9, Firefox 3
• Fixed - Error Message in Admin Upload Files Breadcrumb has inconsistent label for the cart. United States Postal Service Shipping Module: Displays Nothing In Cart or During Checkout
• Fixed - Adding to cart items that have required options fails with product not found
• Fixed - Disabled related products. \"E-Mail Address does not appear to be valid!\" in Store-settings in Admin
• Fixed - FancyBox still not working on SSL enabled pages Notice: Undefined index: filter_name
• Fixed - Cannot edit categories while connected to admin in SSL
• When you disable the mega menu, the attention alerts don't pop up in the top
Clicking on the edit link in admin/category will redirect you from https:// to http://
• Wording ideally needs changing on Checkout Page
• Guest Checkout and/or non download purchase - Checkout Success Wording
• payment values don't get posted
• Ajax shopping cart displays MD5 has on end of filename
• Affiliate System Tracking code problem
• UPS Shipping Module: Displays Nothing In Cart or During Checkout
• Breadcrumb has inconsistent label for the cart.
• Disabled related products.
Webnetics UK Ltd.

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