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VrCommernce PRO V2.1.3 - Released
Virtual Web Designs are proud to announce the next release of VrCommerce PRO v2.1.3.

This is a major release that adds new features and fixes issues that have been reported since releasing v2.1.2

New template system has been incorporated into VrCommernce, we have tried to base the layouts as much as possible to some existing sites, i.e Comet, Currrys, Kayco.

• Updated - The tax system added new functionality to cope with new laws bought about by the US and EU.
• Updated - Taxes can also be assigned to different customer groups
• New - Auto complete in the admin for search for products, orders, customers, etc.
• New - New payment gateway called Web Payment Software
• New - New reports
o Order List
o Report Keyword Search
• Updated - Made it easy to code new modules.
• Updated - Product caching to improve performance for shops with a large number of products.
• Updated - Select returns from order info page
• Updated – HTML Templates have been updated
• Updated - Weight conversions are now done from weight_class_id and not unit.
• Updated - Mod will alert the shop owner by email
o Sends an email to the shop owner when a Returns Request is made containing all details of the return
o Sends an email to the shop owner when a Product Review is added to the site
o Alerts Admin in Dashboard of New Reviews, New Returns Requests, Customer Awaiting Approval and Affiliates Awaiting Approval
o Also added a 'Total Sales This Month' row to the Dashboard
• Updated - Admin Customer Area with new features
o Purchase History
o Order History
o Purchased Products
o Shopping Basket - view and delete content
o Wish list - View and Delete content
o Customer Track - track customer behaviour and activity
• Updated - Customer Invoice – Admin Area
o Turn on / off shop logo
o Turn on / off - Payment method
o Turn on / off - Barcode for invoice and product SKU
o Choose different types of barcode
• Updated –The SEO function to generate SEO keywords for all products, categories, manufacturer and information.
o Generate SEO keywords to all SEO path
o Select individual products to generate SEO keywords
o Custom select SEO path to generate SEO keywords
o Allow append product model to SEO keywords to products
o Allow append *.html to products suffix for better optimisation
• Updated - XML Feeds for Google Merchant (formerly Google Base).
o Fully Compliant with Google Merchant Requirements as of 22nd September
o List Singles Products and Product Variants for all products including Clothing & Apparel
o List up to 10 additional images per product
o Display Special Prices if they exist in addition to the standard price.
o Produce feeds for VrCommerce Multi-Shops
o List on Multiple Google Shopping Sites (provided you have the language and currency installed for those sites)
o Set the Google Product Category for each Google Shopping Site globally and on a per product basis.
o Set the Condition for each product globally and on a per product basis.
o Ability to override VrCommerce Brand with a more specific brand on a per product basis.
o Option to disable a product from appearing in the feed on a per product basis.
o Split Feeds into multiple feeds if your shop has a lot of products
• Updated – Search, to include by price range, manufacturers, categories, keywords, all in one search if required.
• Updated - Products Edits
o Edit products directly on the product list page
o Manage products within a certain shop, or view products in all shops
o Filter products by one or more categories by using the Advanced Filter
o Easily show and/or hide columns from the list
o Search box automatically filters as you type
o Copy, CSV and Print buttons
o Preloads data so you can switch pages even faster
o Sort any field by clicking on the column header
o Automatically remembers your column, sorting and other preferences
o Allows you to easily change the number of results per page
o Validates fields appropriately
• Updated - Admin Customer Area with new features
o Purchase History
o Order History
o Purchased Products
o Shopping Basket - view and delete content
o Wish list - View and Delete content
o Customer Track - track customer behaviour and activity
• Updated - Shopping Basket has been upgraded with new Ajax features.
o This allows products to be removed and quantities adjusted instantly without any page refresh, removing a product will fade the product out the slide the box smoothly out of view, updating everything in the background.
• New - Reward Points System
o Award points for each product purchased, customers can redeem for additional merchandise.
• New - RMA System
o Manage customer returns and credits.
• New - Grid, List Product listings
o Customers can switch between viewing products as a list or in a grid.
• New - Gift Voucher System
o Customers can purchase gift certificates for another customer to use in your shop.
• New - Credit System
o Shop credit that can be used during checkout.
• New - Reorder System
o Customers can quickly reorder a previous purchase.
• New - Wish List System
o Customers can add items to a wish list, move items to Basket at any time.
• New - Affiliate System
o Allow other websites to refer customers to you for a commission.
• New - Option Text Fields
o Customers can type instructions for customizing a product such as their initials or name.
• New - Banner Manager
o Easily change the slide show or large banner on the home page.
• New - One-Page Checkout
o Guest & Account checkout are supported
o Ability to turn off country and/or zone selects
o Zone-based shipping, dynamic shipping methods supported!
• New - Compare Products
• New - Create Google Sitemap
• New - Customer Testimonial allows the admin user to do add / edit Testimonials given by customers and make it display on shop
• New – Next / Last Products links added to products page
• New – Last Viewed Products
o Displays in Column Left, Column Right, Content Top and Content Bottom.
o Settings for number of products to display.
o Settings for product image dimensions to display.
• New - Auto fill SEO field (Category, Product, Information)
• New - Search Autosuggest
• New - Stock Alert, trigger email to shop owner automatically when stock is low.
o Set own email message
o Set the minimum quantity before trigger email to store owner
o Supported multiple recipients
• New – Admin Dashboard and Menu Control
o Set menu permissions per user
o Full user logging
o Log failed login attempts
• New – Users Online
o IP Address
o Host name
o Location (City, State, Country)
o Date and Time of Visit
o Language
o Operating System (including mobile phones)
o Browser used (including mobile browsers)
o Total number of visits
o Total number of pages viewed
o Site that referred them to your shop
o Delete information from the database by IP address
o Import data from previous version database tables
o Flush data from current database tables (Reset Visitor Tracker tables)
o Add / Remove ip addresses to exclude from tracking statistics
o Add / Remove bot names to exclude from tracking statistics
o Set the idle time for online visitors to not be shown as online - defaults
to 300 seconds (5 minutes)
o Set UTC Timezone offset so SQL server will match your timezone
o Ban IP addresses from your shop
o Who is Online - See who is currently browsing your shop
o Bot, Guest or Customer (shows name if registered customer)
o View shopping baskets if they have anything in it (registered customers only)
o Shows the time since their last click
o Automatically removes online visitors after 5 minutes (300 seconds) of
idle time
o Abandoned Basket - See if any of your registered customers left items in their basket
o View the contents of your customers abandoned basket including product options
o Ability to click on product name to take you to the catalog/product admin page for the item. Also added the model number to the basket information page.
o Email customer directly from the abandoned basket window
o Ability to clear the abandoned basket
• New – Specials Manager
o Edit specials directly on the special list page. Update discount, discount
type, start and end dates and more.
o Apply specials to entire categories with ease. Or, select all categories
and apply a shop-wide discount!
o Discount by percentage, fixed amount or just set it to a fixed number!
o Easily show and/or hide columns from the list.
o Search box automatically filters categories and products as you type.
o Copy, CSV and Print buttons allow you to copy the rows to your clipboard, export them to a CSV file or print them with the click of a button!
o Sort any field by clicking on the column header.
o Automatically remembers your column, sorting and other preferences.
o Allows you to easily change the number of results per page.
o Validates fields appropriately.
• New – Pre-set Admin order comments.
o Adds buttons to the order history screen to speed up adding standard order comments. Order comments can be modified in the order Comments screen.
• New - Admin to edit all language files
• New - Promotional Tags & Product Labels
o Easy to add as many promotional labels to show at for Featured, Bestsellers, Category, Search, Latest and Product page at backend.
o Tag positioning, Top-Right, Top-Left, Bottom-Left and Bottom-Right
o Product labels to show per product at admin page
o Easy control over discount rate(%) to display per product at admin page
o Allow easy control over promotional labels link to different site / pages. Example: Link 'Call for Price' label to contact us page.
o Facebook Like/Share at product page
o Display percentage discounted per product dynamically based on user input
o Auto display out of stock tags when zero stock detected
o Auto calculating new price when discount rate is entered (Firefox not compatible)
o Auto turn off promotional price, discount rate/icon when promotion period expired
o Auto replace `Add to Basket` with `Sold Out` button when quantity is zero
o Auto replace `Add to Basket` with `Call For Price` button and price when price is set to zero
o Multi Languages supported
o Can quickly update price, discount rate, promotional tags, special price, promotion date start and promotion date end
o Automatically update new price when discount rate is entered when updating
• New - Split Categories
o Unlimited categories creation
o Side boxes can be placed anywhere (left, right, top, bottom)
o Side boxes can be placed on any layout
o Side boxes use the module system and can be enabled/disabled individually
o Side boxes can have their own title configured from the admin with multilingual support
o Mix and Match categories in any way you like
o Show / Hide Category product count
o Expand All categories by default option
• New- Product Options multiple add, allows you to enter the same options over multiple products at once, saving a huge amount of time when it comes to entering options
• New - Restrict Customer Groups
o Dynamic Customer Group selector in category edit
o Multi-Select
o Products won't show if they belong to a restricted category
o Support for "Logged out" as well
o Automatic DB update for new field
• New - Edit Customer Orders
• New - Customer Discount Groups
o Discount by % or flat fee
o Ranged discount breaks at different price points
o Based on sort position to allow include/exclude of other totals
o Option to prevent discounting special priced products
o Discounts automatically added to the checkout process
o Dynamically expands for all customer groups created
o Different discounts for each Customer Group including Guest Checkout
• New - Category Management System with products
o Edit products by catalog
o Include product counter for catalog
o Unlimited Categories
o With Slide Tree menu
• New - Batch Order Update
• New - Multi Image Upload
• New - Help / FAQ System
• New - PDF Invoice with email
• New - Display Category Wall
• New - Customised Layouts
• New - Multi Shop System
• New - Can now use Shared SSL
• New - Wholesale Price List
• New - Generate a packing / picking list for your orders
• New - FrontPage Categories
• New - PDF Single Product Flyer, users can create their own PDF datasheet
• New - MSRP to admin / frontend products
• New - Visual rows to the admin pages
• New - Customer Activity report
• New - Display child category as Tabs
o Enable / Disable from admin side
• New - Allows you to enter the same options over multiple products at once,
• New - Customer who bought this product also bought
• New - A quantity box added to Products List pages
• New – PDF Reports from reports and invoice.
o Send by email the invoice & reports as an attached PDF
o Available format are:
o a) invoice with image products
o b) invoice without prices
o c) invoice with logo
o d) label
• New - Add To Basket Confirm Ajax Popup
o This will show the Add to Basket / Wishlist / Compare confirmation as an Ajax popup box in the center of the screen. It Fades In, stays & then Fades Out leaving your customer right where they are, whilst still updating the basket total.
• New - Detailed Product Sales Report on the Product page.
o Can view detailed list of customers who bought this product (with product option), purchased quantity, total amount, view order date, order number, invoice number and order status.
o Filtering by date or statistics range.

• Added utf-8 helper functions so there is no need for mb extension to be installed.
• Page speed rendering issue IE
• Multi-Shop Layout Change not working for second shop
• Removed some redundant data
• Fixed the problems with weight class and length classes
• No DB changes are required to upgrade from 2.1.2
• No template changes are required to upgrade from 2.1.2
• Weight class problem with multiple languages.
• Quote in banner names and modules not working.
• Fix for Can't search UTF-8 words inside product description
• Fix for backup backing up all tables
• Removed manufacturer’s module and replaced it with one called carousel. This should stop problems with site with large numbers of manufacturers.
• Tabs fix for people who cannot wait for their admin pages to load.
• Invoice email not being sent when coupon is applied
• Removed redundant data from the zone to geo zone table
• PayPal fix for totals with a minus value.
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