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VrBookings v1.3 - Released
We are delighted to announce the immediate release of VrBookings v1.3

VrBookings is an online booking system for Hotels, Guesthouses or anyone who requires a booking system for their website. The bespoke booking software allows you to start your own online booking system within minutes.

VrBookings has also been designed to simplify the task of online booking and to be incorporated into any website very easily. It also provides users with a unique, intuitive and easy to use interface that improves the way people use the web today.

V1.3 New Features and Bug fixes below

• New - Added sending email after password was changed by admin
• New - Automatically system suggestion on empty search result
• New - Maximum nights per booking to packages
• New - New module FAQ, that allows admin to create/manage FAQs
• New - Possibility to define Room Equipment via Admin Panel : Hotel Management -> Rooms Management -> Edit
• New - Possibility to define whether to show Children Number in rooms via Admin Panel : Hotel Management -> Rooms Settings
• New - Possibility to define whether to show fully booked/unavailable rooms in search
• New - Possibility to define whether to use WYSIWYG editor for Email Templates via General -> Site Settings -> Email Settings
• New - Possibility to export/integrate Reservation Form on other sites: Hotel Management -> Integration
• New - Possibility to send emails via SMTP mailer: General -> Site Settings -> Email Settings
• New - Added possibility to description whether to send email notification for admin on new user registration
• New - Added sending email to customer after approval registration by admin
• New - Check Availability block on room description page
• New - New type of campaigns - 'standard' that allows to define discount for special periods of time in the future
• New - Possibility to check prices on search result page for Available Rooms
• New - Possibility to define 'meal plans' via Bookings -> Settings -> Meal Plans Management
• New - Possibility to define preferred language for customers
• New - Possibility to define week starting day via General Settings -> Datetime & Price Settings
• New - Possibility to download Invoice in PDF format: Bookings -> Bookings Management -> Download Invoice
• New - Possibility to force SSL connection via General -> General Settings "Force SSL"
• New - Possibility to specify whether to send notification email when reservation expired
• New - Roles and Privileges for admin users
• New- Possibility to dynamically add Extras to the total sum of Shopping Cart (without refreshing the page)
• Upgraded - Booking Module - added possibility to define whether to show 'reserved' rooms in search results until booking is complete
• Upgraded - Extras - added language translation for extras items
• Upgraded - Minor changes in Create Account and My Account customer pages
• Upgraded - Minor changes in Email templates
• Upgraded - Rooms Module - added possibility to upload 5 images for each room
• Upgraded - Sending "forgotten password" email - now in customer/admin preferred language
• Upgraded - VAT value allows now to accept 3 digits after decimal point
• Upgraded - Banners Module - added possibility to use HTML in caption text
• Upgraded - Booking emails - added {HOTEL INFO} holder containing info about hotel
• Upgraded - Booking Module - added possibility to define a maximum number of allowed bookings (not complete) per customer
• Upgraded - Booking Module - added possibility to manually [ Clean up ] pending bookings: Bookings -> Bookings Management -> Clean up
• Upgraded - Booking Module - new payment type "Bank Transfer"
• Upgraded - Booking statistics - added possibility to filter data by country
• Upgraded - Credit card payment procedure - added card holder's name field
• Upgraded - Customer notification procedure after placing an order
• Upgraded - Minor changes in Check Availability date selection
• Upgraded - Minor changes in Languages Module
• Upgraded - Minor changes in RSS Module
• Bug - Displaying wrong value of "Initial Fee" in Booking Description and Invoke pages
• Bug - In automatic selection of minimum nights in availability calendar
• Bug - ltr/rtl direction in drawing invoice/booking description for print
• Bug - Number of children wasn't displayed on Reservation Cart page
• Bug - In customer booking cancellation procedure
• Bug: In drawing of local date time for reservation pages
• Bug:- Displaying wrong number of adults/children in reservation cart pages and some emails
• Bug:- In calculation of extras total sum for non-default currencies
• Bug:- In drawing of room availability after the changing of a room count in Rooms Management -> Edit
• Bug:- Wrong check for min/max nights per booking
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