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Important Information - Planned Server Upgrades (January 2013)
Dear Valued Customer,

We apologies for any inconvenience caused, by these server upgrades. These will take place in January 2013 and there will be a downtime of 3 – 4 hours while the data from the old servers are migrated to the new servers. These upgrades will take place overnight to minimise the effects on customer accounts and there will be no loss of emails, these will be staked while the upgrades take place. This will allow us to expand our other hosting businesses.

We are planning to transfer all customer accounts in three (3) batches

Batch 1 (Non-database websites)
Batch 2 (Database driven websites)
Batch 3 (eCommerce Websites)

We will inform all customers when we planned to do the server upgrades in January 2013.
Webnetics UK Ltd.

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