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VrCommerce PRO V3.4 Beta 1 - Released
Virtual Web Designs are proud to announce the next release of VrCommerce PRO v3.4 Beta.1. This version includes NEW features and UPGRADES, we have just listed some of these improvements, and we will give a full feature list on the final release of v3.4

This version will only be available to register members, for testing. Please use our forums to report any bugs, etc.

We are planning to have the final release by the end of April 2014.

New Cookie Notice
New Auto Save
New Also Purchased
New Abandoned Baskets
New Custom Sussex Page
New Mass products update
New Price Match
New Combined Orders
New Split Orders
New Buy Together
New Category Option
New Copy Options
New Date & Time Format
New Deal of the Day
New End of Season Sale
New Report - Customer with no orders
New Record Contact Details
New Admin Search any ware
New Orders Exported
New Category Attributes
New Product Labels
Upgrade Option Groups
Upgrade Hide Admin Menu
Upgrade Auto Complete
Upgrade Report - Product Purchased
Upgrade Report - Customers
Upgrade Report - Sales
Upgrade Advance Shipping Features
Upgrade Customer Tracker
Upgrade Admin Area with Bootstrap
Upgrade New Frontend design
Webnetics UK Ltd.

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