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VrSearch V1.0

We have now installed our own PHP search engine on our site called VrSearch. VrSearch allow visitors to perform a search on the contents of our the website. Unlike other such tools the spidering engine is written in PHP, so it does not require binaries to be run on the server to generate the search index for HTML pages. & will be launched late July 2007. This will be selling generic version of this software.

VrSearch is a trademark of Webnetics UK Ltd, and sells this script under the trading name of and Virtual Web Designs.


• Spider engine written in PHP - there are no binaries to run on the server.
• Performs simple page match scoring and ranking.
• Can spider sub domains or multiple domains.
• Allows multiple spider entry points.
• Versatile page inclusion/exclusion, including robots.txt parsing with Google extensions.
• Parts of pages (e.g. menus) can be excluded from indexing.
• Support for PDF documents (content of document is searchable).
• Support for Microsoft Word documents (content of document is searchable).
• Support for Groups, allowing your site to be split into sections for individual searching.
• Support for adding additional links which are displayed when particular keywords are searched for.
• Exact searches can be performed (only matching whole phrases.)
• And much more ...
Webnetics UK Ltd.

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