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Virtual Web Designs Software moves to PHP 5
Virtual Web Designs software continues to be developed with a view to staying current with where technology and customer behaviours/trends are going. In considering the big-picture of ensuring that our software base is not only contemporary but also compliant with current and evolving standards, Virtual Web Designs will be adopting PHP 5.1 and MySQLi V5 as its minimum requirement on all future software developments effective from now.

NOTE: All our software is now compatible with PHP 5 & MySQLi V5, as these were updated, when we upgraded our server(s) this year. We can only update software, which has been written by us.


1. PHP has announced that PHP 4 will no longer be supported as of the end of year 2007. Ref:

2. PHP 5 has been deployed and tested in production environments for three years, and many hosting companies have already adopted it in some way. We have already adopted PHP 5 & MySQL V5 as our standard scripting language, you can still access PHP 4 if you are hosted on server 4207, as this server is dual format.
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