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System Maintenance
On the 24th October 2007 we will be carrying out 2 sets of maintenance on our servers. This will involve brief downtime for customer.

Customer Hosting Accounts

We will be upgrading our servers 4207 & 994 to PHP 5.2.4. This was released on the 30th August and is a critical security upgrade. Sites will be affected by a minimal amount of downtime when Apache restarts after the installation. See for more information.

NuSphere – PHPExpress

We will be installing the NuSphere PHPExpress on our servers. PhpExpress is NuSphere PHP accelerator that provides support for loading of PHP files encoded with Nu-Coder - NuSphere PHP Encoder and also speeds up the execution of regular PHP files. While it is extremely easy to install and use, PhpExpress provides a spectacular increase in the speed of the execution of PHP scripts. If PHP script is encoded with Nu-Coder - NuSphere PHP Encoder PhpExpress loads encoded PHP scripts directly into PHP engine saving time and boosting performance of PHP interpreter. PhpExpress also implements caching for PHP engine and accelerates execution process even if PHP Script is not encoded.

For more information on this please visit
Webnetics UK Ltd.

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