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VrArticles v1.0 - Released
VrArticles is an advance article publishing system designed to make your life easier by enabling you to publish articles or news to your website quickly and easily with an advance WYSIWYG editor that includes features such as a built-in spell checker, with image, flash files and asset management and many more. VrArticles is template based system, so you can easily integrate it in to your existing website design without any problems.

VrArticles Features
  • Web based installer, easy to follow installation process.
  • Publish articles / news without any HTML skills.
  • Merge within your existing design easily. System is template based, easily change html code.
  • Search Engine friendly URLs, generates .html extensions for articles and categories. Turn on/off feature.
  • Web based administration system, which allows you to manage articles easily.
  • Manage user groups and set their permissions.
  • User registration system, manage through admin panel.
  • Profile management system for registered users (writers).
  • Advance search levels, search within articles, titles, categories and / or sub-categories etc.
  • Separate Moderation Panel for staff members' group.
  • Email subscription for general users and/or visitors.
  • Send HTML based newsletter through admin panel.
  • Create HTML content without any HTML skills with advance WYSIWYG editor
  • Show short statistics for total authors, articles, categories and views.
  • Display a random article on the right side column.
  • Post comments and rate articles.
  • Show recent and featured articles.
  • Provide you RSS feeds to other webmasters.
  • Generate revenues from google adsense / turn it on / off for index and article preview individually.
  • Print Article.
  • Adjust font size.
  • Send article to friend.
  • Save as pdf (limitations : without images)
  • Post and read comments / reviews
  • Rate articles / graphical preview
  • View most rated and read articles.
  • Recent and featured articles on index page.
  • View how many times article has been viewed.
  • Article publication date, author and category included.
  • Divide / cut articles into different pages.
  • Include / Remove google adsense from articles.
  • Turn Adsense on / off for index page.
  • Just add your google adsense publisher ID to get started.
  • Turn Adsense on / off for article's detail page, it replaces the author's profile.
  • Unnoticeable Ad integration, Ads are integrated in such a way that they look like original articles.
  • Provide RSS feeds to other webmaster
  • The system provide advance options for category and number of article selections
  • Category Management
  • User(s) Management
  • User Groups Management
  • Subscription Management
  • Newsletter Management
  • General Site Settings
Webnetics UK Ltd.

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