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VrHIPS v1.0 Released
We are pound to announce our latest release called VrHIPs. VrHIPs is an Online Booking System for Home Information and eConveyancing Packs, we be offering this a standard alone package or a complete website & hosting package, details below. The software has been designed in PHP5 and uses a MySQLi 5 as the database. VrHIPs, has been designed to be used by Surveyors, Estate Agents or anyone who uses Home Information Packs (HIPs), Home Energy Certificates and Conveyancing and who wishes to offer this services online.

The software can be installed into any website design new or existing. The software also includes a complete Content Management System (CMS). You will be able to update your own website without changing your current website design. This will save you time and money as you will not need to pay someone else to update or add new pages to your website.

If you would like your customers to book online for a home survey, from Solicitors, Estate Agents and Home users, this will be the idea software for you. Corporate clients like Solicitors, Estate Agents could be billed on monthly accounts and home users can be billed via PayPal, Credit Cards or Cheque.

We will also be offering a complete package for £ 500. This will include the following:

Website Designed & Software Installation

• Custom Website Designed, up to 15 pages (This will be incorporated into the CMS)
• Graphics, Photos, Navigation
• Contact form with captcha an image – Details email to you and the user and also stored in the database. Access via admin area
• Search Engine Optimised & 12 months submissions to google, yahoo, msn, etc
• Sitemap (Google, Yahoo, MSN) & Human interface Sitemap
• FREE entry on (Full membership)
• Free changes for three month after completion
• Software to be installed into website design
• To update website pages, you will have access to the Contents Management Systems (CMS)


• Your Domain Name i.e. or (2 Years)
• 5000gb Disk space
• 50 POP3 Mailboxes
• 50 Auto responders
• 50 Multi Recipient Address
• Control Panel
• Full ftp access
• Daily website statistics
• Webmail
• CGI Scripting in Perl & C
• PHP5 Scripting
• MySQLi 5 Database Server
• Unlimited Data Monthly Bandwidth
• 128 Bit Shared SSL (Included in price)

Software Information

General Features

• Online Booking Calendar
• User Area
• Full Admin Area
• Contents Management System (CMS), incorporate into any website design
• Newsletter – Plain Text or HTML
• FAQ System
• Links Page
• Payment options


Online Booking Calendar

• The calandar can display weekly or monthly view.
• Users will have the opportunity to book appointments for a fixed period in advance.
• Subsequent months can be selected and called up directly by a click of the mouse. It is just as easy for the user to go back to the current week.
• A timeout feature allows an appointment to be temporarily reserved whilst the user makes his/her chosen booking. This prevents a quicker user from "stealing" an appointment from under someone's nose.
• The customer receives a confirmation e-mail for there booking.
• Payment Options, PayPal, Offline Credit Cards, Invoice, or account holders.
• Loads more features ….


• Users can view edit their personal information online.
• Users can change there booking times
• Full Password Access
• View payment history.
• Pay outstanding invoices online
• Newsletter Subscribe / Un-subscribe
• View and download reports
• Loads more features ….



• Full Password Access
• Add or delete users in the admin area; the users are sent their login information by e-mail that allows them to access the system.
• If you have more than one employee, you can allow multiple reservations at the same time.
• Insert a lunch break into the week view. Users cannot book an appointment during this time, likewise for end of the day and close of business.
• Hide individual weekdays in the appointment overview. Irrelevant days such as Saturday or Sunday are not shown.
• You can set how many weeks maximum that you want the user to be able to call up.
• You can set the weekday on which the display begins. It is usually Monday, but it can be any other day.
• You may define different reasons for an appointment, and also allocate to each of them a different duration. The length of the appointment is taken into consideration when subsequent appointments are booked.
• The number of appointments each day can be set individually. You can allow fewer or no appointment bookings at all to be made at weekends. You can also define a (lunch) break or completely hide whole weekdays.
• The admin is able to remind customers of their appointments. This feature can be set to run as a cron job or every time a vistor / admin visits your website. Emails will be sent automatically.
• View and send out invoices to clients
• View and edit invoices online
• Select payment options, i.e PayPal, offline Credit Cards, Cheques, Invoice, or account holders.
• You can make clients account holders only. So they don’t have to pay using PayPal etc.
• Newsletter, the admin has a choice to send out an newsletter to all users, subscribe or not. In plain text or HTML emails
• FAQ System
• Send Reports via email to clients
• Upload reports to users accounts
• Links Page
• Loads more features ….


• Incorporate into any existing website design
• Add / Edit / Delete existing pages
• Full text editor with image upload facility
• Full SEO Control
• Loads more features ….
Webnetics UK Ltd.

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