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VrTracker v0.5 Beta
Virtual Web Designs are in the process of beta testing VrTracker. VrTracker is a flexible product deployment and licensing system designed to allow you to control every aspect of selling your software giving you more time to focus on developing your product. Automate the sales process, distribute files to your customers, invoice them for extra services and track where your product is installed.

The key features are summarised below.

• Store your products in a private directory and have VrTracker distribute them securely to customers on demand
• Package source code into zip, tar or tar.gz files and then distribute them to customers
• Integrate into your products in many different ways including latest version update integration and local license keys
• Automated order processing with options to manually approve orders
• Issue custom invoices to any customers
• Sell core licenses and optional extras with individual versions and downloads
• Offer discount vouchers based on a percentage or specific value
• Supported payment gateways include:
o 2checkout
o Authorize.Net
o eGold
o Google Checkout
o Moneybookers
o PayPal
o Protx
o WorldPay

Ensuring that you maximise your revenue by reducing piracy is extremely important. VrTracker is designed specifically to help you license your products to your customers so that you can control and monitor where they install your software, how many times they install it and that they do not distribute it without permission.

VrTracker lets you:

• Enable, suspend, disable and activate licenses
• Restrict licenses to a specific (or multiple) hostnames and IP addresses
• Limit and count the number of times the customer has installed your product
• Enable and disable specific features based on the license they purchase
• Set expiry dates and times
• Provide customers with access to certain versions and downloads only

How does it work?

1. Using the interactive wizard built into VrTracker or by creating your own code using our detailed integration guide, you paste some code into your product which can communicate with VrTracker installed on your server.
2. The customer purchases your product. You can offer multiple licenses to suit many customer needs and budgets. Once paid and verified, they can then download any files related to your product.
3. During the installation of your product, or when the user accesses certain pages during normal use, your product communicates with VrTracker installed on your server to check the customer's license.
4. If the license is active your product runs normally. If the license has expired, you have disabled it or your product is not running on the server they originally licensed it for, your product can terminate with an error message

This allows you to track every installed copy of your product to ensure that it is being used in accordance with your license terms and that you do not lose valuable revenue to piracy.

Local License Keys

In addition to HTTP checking, VrTracker includes the ability to use local license keys.

When using the local license keys integration method, the first time your product is accessed and there is no license key in place, the code contacts VrTracker and sends the hostname and IP address of the server. This is then bound to the license and a response is sent with the full license data. This includes the license status, expiry date, hostname and IP address. The code then encrypts this data and writes it to a key file on the server.

The next time the product is accessed; the code reads the key file on the server and decrypts it, then reads the license data. No connection is needed to your VrTracker installation so the product can be used offline, behind a firewall, or if your server is down.
Webnetics UK Ltd.

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