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Dev/Beta and Release Candidates
Work is already in progress on a number of new software applications and updates for our existing software. As items are developed we will be releasing development builds, betas and eventually, when we prepare for the actual launch, release candidates. This will help us to test, and obtain feedback, throughout the development process.

These releases will only be made available to the same users that qualify for this, e.g. if your license is less than a year old or your license has a support level with us. We are doing this for several reasons but mainly this is to ensure that those who continue to support our system are given access to, and can provide feedback on, new facilities in the development phase and influence their implementation. In addition this will enable those with support to potentially use the beta and release candidate versions on their live sites and obtain support for any problems they encounter. This, we hope, will provide us with much better testing results. In the past our open betas have been of limited success with the majority of the testing being cursory and not representational of the data and demands of live sites and we feel that providing support to those who wish to use them in a more meaningful environment will help provide us with greater feedback.

Much of the new functionality will be coming from our current users and over the next few weeks. We're hopeful that the first of the development builds will be made available within the next month.

Official releases to the core products will continue to be made available to all license holders on the day of release
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