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Payment Gateways

We can easily integrate any payment gateway into your website. In order to use a payment gateway you will first need to setup an account with your selected payment gateway. Once this has been completed then we can integrate your chosen gateway into your website.

However, some payment gateways do require you to have a merchant ID; you can obtain one of these from your bank. Virtual Web Designs can offer all the help and support needed to make this a simple process.

Listed below is a selection of the payment gateways that have a proven track record within the industry, they have processed millions of payments worldwide and are all fully secure.

  • SagePay (Was Protx)
  • PayPal
  • WorldPay
  • Nochex

SagePay (Was Protx)

SagePay has become one of the UK's largest Independent payment gateways. Formed in 2001 by a group of private investors, in 2005 Protx was acquired by Sage to allow then to integrate payments into Sage accounting software. Visit SagePay website here for more information or to signup.

  • Small business service: .£20 per month up to 1000 transactions per quarter. No transaction charges and no setup fee.

  • Corporate: 10p per transaction for over 1000 transactions a quarter. No monthly fees and no setup fees.

  • Bespoke: Prices are available upon request for over 5000 transactions per month. Complete tailored solutions with competitive rates.


PayPal is a very well known payment processor and is very easy to setup. PayPal is very popular with the EBay community as it's owned by the company. This is a very easy system to setup and doesn't require a merchant ID. Visit PayPal here for more information or to signup.

Pricing Options

Monthly Sales Price Per transaction

  • .£0.00 GBP - .£1,500.00 GBP 3.4% + .£0.20 GBP

  • .£1,500.01 GBP - .£6,000.00 GBP 2.9% + .£0.20 GBP

  • .£6,000.01 GBP - .£15,000.00 GBP 2.4% + .£0.20 GBP

  • .£15,000.01 GBP - .£55,000.00 GBP 1.9% + .£0.20 GBP

  • above .£55,000.00 GBP 1.4% + .£0.20 GBP


WorldPay is another well known leader in its field. This system can offer a true global solution. WorldPay is a part of the The Royal Bank of Scotland group and has many years experience in this field and can offer a versatile solution. However this does require a merchant ID. Visit WorldPay for more information or to signup.

Pricing Options

Pricing for WorldPay is based on your merchant profile but includes the following charges.

  • Setup fee
  • Monthly fee
  • May also include annual fee
  • Transaction service fee


HSBC is one the world's biggest banks and offer a very secure payment gateway which includes good card fraud protection. Which can include no monthly fees, however a merchant ID is required. Visit HSBC here for more information or to signup.

Pricing Options (Card turnover up to and including £50,000) (Card turnover in excess of .£50,000)

  • .£250 one-off set up charge
  • .£150 set-up charge
  • 2% of every credit card transaction
  • .£18 per month per standard terminal rental, plus VAT
  • 25p for every debit card transaction
  • Transaction charges negotiated on an individual basis
  • 2% of every non-uk debit & credit card transaction
  • Minimum monthly service charge of .£20 per month
  • No terminal rental for 12 months*
  • No minimum monthly service charge
  • 12 month contract
  • * This relates to one standard terminal


Nochex is another popular independent payment gateway which requires no merchant ID and is a good solution for small to medium sized business. They also have many levels of good security to fit your online needs. Visit Nochex for more information or to sign up.

Pricing Options

These prices are based on Nochex merchant account. To get a more detailed price structure contact Nochex via there website. Transaction rate: Tired % + 20p Setup Charge: .£50


You want to trade online. You want to accept credit cards and debit cards and therefore need an Internet Merchant Account. You also want to maximise your sales by offering your customers alternative payment methods.

With SecureTrading you can do all this and more. With the SecureTrading Merchant Account Service we can offer a one stop shop – an Internet Merchant ID (MID) and Payment Gateway. If you already have an Internet MID from your bank then you can use the SecureTrading Payment Gateway to process all major credit and debit cards in multiple currencies.

Not only that you can also accept alternative payment methods including PayPal and take cash transactions via Ukash.

Our Virtual Terminal is the ideal solution if you receive orders via telephone, fax or mail order (also known as MOTO transactions). When you choose SecureTrading as your Payment Provider there is no extra charge for the Virtual Terminal and transactions will be charged at your agreed rates.