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An estimated 60% of all online transactions are abandoned because of poor functionality, less than intuitive navigational processes or concerns about security.

Full eCommerce software

Virtual Web Designs has an edge when building eCommerce sites because we never lose site of what the consumer wants and needs. Our approach is to make the process of purchasing online as familiar, easy and enjoyable for the user as possible.

If done correctly, you could have hundreds or even thousands of visitors to your online shop daily and could see your sales figures double, triple or more within a few months for very little investment when compared to the costs involved with running a bricks and mortar business or placing a large advertisement in your local directory. The Internet is an exciting and thriving place to do business for both retailers and consumers alike. It's fast, it's secure and its popular.

We cater for both small and large businesses and can advise on the best method of completing your online transactions to suit your businesses needs. From security to web store functionality we can take your business onto the web with the minimum of fuss and inconvenience.

We currently offer a full range of pre-written eCommerce software from a full eCommerce shop with either B2B (VrShop PRO) or a full multishop version called VrShop PRO features to a online booking system incorporating a full eCommerce shop (VrBookings); we can also write customised modules for each of these packages, to suit your own needs.

Full eCommerce software

See some of our eCommerce website, which have been designed and hosted by us.

We also write and design customised eCommerce software to suit your own requirements. All prices are fixed and firm, before we start.