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VrCommerce v1R2 - Released
After further testing of VrCommerce we are proud to release the next beta version v1R2

This version will only be available to register members, for testing. Please use our forums to report any bugs, etc.

We are planning to have the final release late September 2010.

• Fixed additional email for loop issue causing "Please Wait" and "Error Send To Required"
• Improved featured products query to make all status checks and return all pertinent data to match latest and bestseller queries.
• If no shipping, tax zone set to buyer's payment zone instead of default store zone
• Session uses full path for session to prevent session sharing
• Removed unneeded products variable from admin order.php
• Removed error on empty language file
• Admin/controller/catalog/review.php double text validation cleaned up
• Admin Order Edit now supports product options & updated grand total
• Coupon discount check only for flat value coupons
• Pagination in search & specials
• Worldpay not updating order
• Admin Country, Zone, & Download pagination
• Thickbox agree to terms fix on checkout payment page
• Continue button with ajax add to cart off goes to not found
• Division by zero if catalog/admin item limit set to 0 (tho it should not be possible)
• UPS error scenarios weren't showing properly
• UPS weight display at the title instead of redundantly per-rate
• UPS Test mode confusion cleared up
• USPS weight display at the title instead of redundantly per-rate
• removed "source" for ckeditor to cut down filesize
• Add $config->set('config_language', $languages[$code]['code']); to index.php
• Changed new tables for product_tags and stuff to utf8_bin
• Order Comments not included in email
• Added default invoice id & prefix to install/upgrade.sql
• Added conditional check for the admin header base path: (HTTPS_SERVER) ? HTTPS_SERVER : HTTP_SERVER;
• restore all languages in backend even if disabled
• replaced add to cart javascript: $('#add_to_cart').removeAttr('onclick'); to allow handling by other scripts.
• sort arrow images were reversed
• Perpetual Payments Test mode confusion cleared up
• Featured limit default - add (int) to limit in model to prevent error
• Specials fix for limit in sidebox
• Going to wrong page while using SEO now shows error page
• Fixed Combined Tax rate issue
• Fixed Low Order Fee order total typo for tax setting
• Fixed Sales tax issue for non-shipped products to use payment address
• Install admin email not populating the user table
• Update royal mail rates or make them editable from admin
• Fix pp standard to use the update statuses and so that curl and fsock both use the proper "else" options.
• Changed default success message "2-5 working days" to be more vague
• Reordered the children for "common/header" to appear last so that document class methods can be called from within modules.
• Fix default weight/length to default to what the setting has.
• Bestsellers wasn't updating immediately after purchase because the cache wasn't cleared on purchase

• Feature Module uses category-style selector for products
• Extension install/uninstall hook. Now when you install/uninstall extensions, if they have their own install/uninstall functions, they will be triggered.
• Logout destroys session completely.
• sort by model
• Cache for featured products
• Cache for categories
• Image class supports proper extension name on resize and transparency for png and gif.
• Extensions will "self-clean" if the files are deleted without uninstalling the extension first.
• Restored "Show Out Of Stock warning" option in setting
• Parent Category pages show image next to description
• Select All / Unselect All to all checkbox lists
• Postcode required option added to countries. Now postcode can be required on a per-country basis.
• Coupon code can be entered on Payment AND Confirm page, for those payments that skip the payment page
• New Paypal Improved. Itemised products, PDT support, debug messaging and more.
• Added Northern Ireland zones to UK
• FilesMatch check in htaccess to prevent viewing of tpl and ini files
• Category Description Name to be longer than 32 (255)
• SEO proper "not found" redirect
• mail parameters field to mail tab (useful for adding authentication "-f" options and more)
• Full Customer Details in admin
• Manual Order Edit
• Additional checkbox for order update (Notify = send email, Update = add history)
• confirm delete added to admin delete/uninstall actions
• Longer email fields (96)
• Added product tags to bottom of product page for easy cross-referencing.
• Auto-select first radio button for shipping or payment
• increased contact form character count from 1000 to 3000
• Fixed bug in thickbox js to allow use of rel tag for prev/next additional images with main image in popup
• Show category description info even where there are no products
• add customer email to invoice under the payment address
• added order comments on invoice
• moved some inline javascript to external files (ajax add to cart now in ajax_add.js)
• moved coupon box to the payment page to allow coupons to change the possible payment options (i.e. freecheckout for 100% discount coupons)
• Comments to order invoice
• Counts for all tabs on product page
• Optional checkbox to push updated downloads to all previous customers upon new version save
• Added current download filename under the input box on admin download form
• Options -Indexes and tpl file disallow to default .htaccess file to prevent showing directory listings
• CSRF Fix for new admin user insert (captcha on user edit form)
• Additional Images & Related products count added to tab on product page by default
• Fixed LIQPAY confirm button
• Disable Reviews option
• Enhanced Order Email (HTML Admin emails)
• Guest Checkout separate addresses
• Enter key for Product filter in admin
• Telephone number on invoice
• Validation check to Product Copy (Daniels request)
• Add model to the related products in product edit
• Automatic Copyright in admin footer
• Added Meta Keywords to products and categories
• Added return on language load to allow simple array merge for language files
• Added Send Newsletter By Products Purchased
• Lots of improvements to cart sidebox (ajax delete item, all totals, view/checkout links)
• GET method for add to cart
• Add to cart button in all modules? small + button?
• Stock decrease option moved to product level
• Minimum Order Qty (per-product)
• Product "cost" field
• Add back default sort order
• Individual zone/country/postcode for products
• Cross-linked related products (relationship goes both ways now). Relating product A to B also relates B to A
• Maintenance Mode
• Multiple Email address for store email
• remove/combine the Show Out of stock. Just show it when Stock checkout is no and product is out of stock
• Add IP Address to order view
• Freecheckout integrated into core.
• Low Order Fee only applies if there is a subtotal, allowing free products to remain free
• Homepage is now modular and new "home" position for modules configurable in admin
• Additional ability to use "modularized" sideboxes on main page (3 across) by adding the module to the $this->children list.
• Free Checkout as part of the core
• Comments saved if payment checkbox not checked
• Added customer email, telephone, ip to order email to make it more complete
• Admin Token system for CSRF security
• Royal Mail rates update
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